Maxim Dating Rachel, 20, County Antrim Maxim Magazine UK

Maxim Dating Rachel, 20, County Antrim The fifth of our featured girls on the Maxim Dating site. Do you fancy taking her on a date? Meet Rachel, our Maxim Dating member of the week. Meet and chat to her by clicking above and registering. It's simple! "Hello boys....I'm Rach and I am a 20 year old fun loving brunette. I am 5ft 2, but hey...good things come in small packages... this rule applies to the ladies only ;) I love going out with my friends but I am currently looking to fill a void in my life with a hot, hunky man so guys if you think you are up to the challenge step right up! kisses...xxxx”

Katy Perry An entire kalabash of sauciness Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Katy Perry An entire kalabash of sauciness Russell Brand has it all: a successful television and movie career, he's a comedian, columnist, and once upon a time he was able to pull all the girls he wanted, all the while looking like a scruffy underfed pirate.

 By Beard June 2010 If we'd known thats what Katy Perry was into, then we would've jumped on board that ship and sailed away with her long ago. But we didn't, so here we are, listening to how much she likes to kiss girls just to taste their cherry chapstick at the same time as she rolls around with Snoop Dogg talking about milking popsicles. Lucky popsicles.

Danielle Lloyd Massive hooters. And when we say 'hooters', we mean 'picture gallery' Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

That's right. To entice Danielle Lloyd back to our memories (yeah, like she ever left in the first place), we're giving you 280 pictures of her to look at and get all nostalgic over. By Beard June 2010 After winning Miss Great Britain, she promptly lost the title after getting NAKED in Playboy, as you do, and upsetting all the people who awarded her the title. They were already a bit upset cos she'd been going out with Teddy Sheringham, who was one of the judges. We'd have voted for her to win too.

Neve Campbell The Definition of Hot Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Neve Campbell The Definition of Hot Sometimes, even with all the camaraderie that is present amongst us, the Maxim Chaps can disagree on occasion.

 By Beard June 2010 One thing that we'll never disagree on, NEVE CAMPBELL IS THE DEFINITION OF HOT. If you were to look up in your dictionary, you know, the one your nan gave you for Christmas when you were six, the definition of the word HOT, a picture of Neve Campbell will be there. If there isn't, then your dictionary is wrong and you need to throw it away. She does exceptionally naughty things with Denise Richards in Wild Things (worth owning the movie for, you know it's true), and in recent years appeared TOPLESS in a low budget, small release independent film. WE WILL FIND IT. It's out new Holy Grail. Have a gallery, then we'll start on the new New Testament.

Stoya Future naughtiness! Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Stoya Future naughtiness! Stoya is one of those lovely 'adult actress' types. After this topless photoshoot, she was off to get her naughty bits snapped! Text: Paul Von Prostate / Photos: Lithium Picnic/ June 2010 You know how some chap's beds are suspiciously elevated off the ground by a few extra inches, in some cases, ENTIRE FEET? We all know why that is don't we, aye, aye, say no more, mum's the word... Stoya is one of the world's biggest pornstars around. She's also very gorgeous. Her fine commitment to the art of 'not wearing many clothes and leaving onlookers sweatier than a John Terry press conference', has been known to have had many a bed touching ceiling. In fact, we nearly damn well broke our nose on ours.

World Cup WAGs Susana Werner Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

World Cup WAGs Susana Werner Shew used to go out with Ronaldo but now she shares Julio Cesar's bed. She's super-hot Susana Werner.. By Ginger Tom June 2010 Something about these WAGS, they all seem to be models or actresses... why can't one be a secret agent or something? Well my friends, that's where Susana Werner comes in! She's basically a superspy, working for the CIA, the MI6 and a bunch of other agencies with crazy three letter abbreviations, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Largely responsible for taking down 99% of all terrorist threats in the last four years, Werner has a nice cover story of being married to Julio Cesar and the mother of their two children. No one would ever suspect that she leads this amazing double life... more amazing than Bananaman's! Not even Jack Bauer... or that guy from Lie To Me. Oh wait... what? She is a model and actress? Well... bugger. Best just have some pictures and a video then.

World Cup WAGs Evangelina Anderson Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

World Cup WAGs Evangelina Anderson Martin Demechellis is not a great footballer. at least not every time we see him. He is, however, a good judge of women... By Ginger Tom June 2010 Evangelina Anderson sounds like an heavenly relative of Pamela Anderson, and we're inclined to believe that might just be the truth. One look at the gallery (and her rather fantastic body parts) we have for you and you'll be floating up in heaven right there next to her. It must be a tough life being Martín Demichelis... rich footballer, angelic looking hot bit of totty for a wife.

 Come to think of it, we don't like him very much anymore.

 Though we never really did in the first place. Check out the gallery, we're sure you'll feel the same.

World Cup WAGs Amaia Salamanca Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

World Cup WAGs Amaia Salamanca In between combing his hair, shopping for headbands and playing in one of the greatest Spain sides ever, Sergio Ramos likes to give Amaia Salamanca a big squeeze. By Ginger Tom June 2010 Amaia Salamanca is not to be confused with the amphibians of a very similar name, she is far too hot for that. But then that could explain why she might consider a species change, so she could cool off by the water with her lizard-like pals? We wonder if she'd be able to regenerate lost limbs as well... or other body appendages... hmmm. The mind wanders. If yours has gone for a walk too, then set your eyes on this gallery, for it is something that'll set you back on the path to dribbling on your keyboard.

Sarah Dymow Soooo hot right now! Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Sarah Dymow Soooo hot right now! Sarah Dymow isn't even a full-time model. She's an important PA in London's posh Kensington and she's a professional wine sampler too! What a girl! Some things we didn't know about Sarah Dymow before we asked her last night: She's from Kiddersminster, she supports Liverpool FC and she's a vegetarian! She likes nothing better than staying in bed all day on a Sunday and reading the broadsheets! She paints her toes bright red! She likes Beaujolais and Seawurzels! And she's partial to a muffin! OO-ER!

Liv Boeree and Sara Underwood Poker babes Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Sara Underwood Liv Boeree Liv Boeree and Sara Underwood Poker babes Two trump cards in the world of poker, how would your concentration wander if Sara Underwood and Liv Boeree were sat opposite you when the flop came down? By Stuart Messham June 2010 These things go together in poker: Probability, psychology and men with annoying chip jangling habits. You rarely see this combination occuring: Probability, psychology and scantily clad hotties with annoying chip jangling habits. Never say never though, for our mates at Poker Player have unearthed the sexiest poker babes on the planet: none of them have beards, cowboy hats or irritaing wraparound shades – but boy can they play! We've got two of the beauties for you to gawp at below. And the Poker Player lads have unearthed more of the flush-dealing sorts here, including Shannon Elizabeth, Kara Scott and Joanna Krupa:

Casey Durkin Miss Los Angeles Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Casey Durkin Miss Los Angeles Casey Durkin is an all-round sort. A very busy all-round sort. TV host, fashion designer for celebrities, video vixen... we must admit, we like her style. By Stuart Messham June 2010 Things we didn't know about Casey Durkin until today... She was born in Boston and grew up in Massachusetts. After graduation from high school, she attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where she studied Fine Art and Art History. Casey then moved to Los Angeles to continue her studies and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 
 She was crowned Miss Los Angeles in 2004, and was a runner-up in The Miss California USA Pageant. She has modeled for Yana K and Interlude, and magazines such as Seventeen, Women's Wear Daily, and Apparel News.
 She's also played leading roles in music videos starring the Rolling Stones, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, and Snoop Dogg, among others. Lil' Kim helped the successful launch of Casey's clothing line "Hush Money". Is that all, we hear you say? Well, no. there's this too: CASEY DURKIN DESIGNS PERFORMANCE OUTFITS FOR BEYONCE CASEY DURKIN WORKED AS A RED CARPET CORRESPONDENT AT THE 2009 MAXIM HOT 100 EVENT CASY DURKIN WORKED AS A RED CARPET CORRESPONDENT FOR THE MAX PAYNE PREMIER FOR MAXIM ONLINE CASEY DURKIN HOSTS "YOUR LA" ON NBC Crazy, huh? -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Arianny Celeste Uncaged and unclothed! Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Arianny Celeste Uncaged and unclothed! Arianny Celeste is the UFC's hottest Octagon Girl and we have an exclusive set of her posing in just her pants. It's our job! And Arianny makes it easy... By Stuart Messham June 2010 Things you didn't know about the UFC's amazing Arianny Celeste: Her audition to become an Octagon Girl involved "answering a few questions and throwing the outfit on. That was it". gruelling stuff indeed. She didn't have to fight anyone before she got the job! But don't mess anymore, she is doing kickboxing and muay thai training now. However, she has no intention to start fighting in the UFC though - why would anyone want to ruin a face like that!? She has been doing gymnastics for years and deascribes herself as "pretty flexible". She would be - she's double-jointed! She likes underhandedly swapping between screens in cinemas. Naughty! She's a Scorpio, whic h she says means: "I'm crazy - you don't want to mess with me!" You don't have to have a giant six-pack to get with her. "I like computer nerds and a guy who can make me laugh. Kind of the silent killer type. Someone who doesn't need to be the centre of attention but can command it anyway."

Francoise Boufhal - BRAND NEW PICS! Part 2! Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2009

Francoise Boufhal BRAND NEW PICS! Part 2! A brilliant second batch from our exclusive new lingerie shoot with the UK's hottest modelling talent, Francoise Boufhal. Look out for more exclusive Francoise Boufhal shoots on VERY SOON!

Francoise Boufhal - Anger, passion, love, pain, sacrifice and DOUBLE-H PUPPIES! Maxim Magazine UK Nov 2009

Francoise Boufhal Anger, passion, love, pain, sacrifice and DOUBLE-H PUPPIES! We have another new set of the amazing Francoise Boufhal. This time she is in red pants, and she's more fiery than ever! By Uncle Bingo November 2009 Hi Francoise, did you enjoy the shoot? Getting photographed for the Maxim chaps fills me with joy and excitement every time. I am your picture slave! How are you and your boobs getting along at the moment? We seem to be seeing a lot more of you together... We've had our disagreements, but all in all were getting on fine thank you. This town ain't big enough for the 3 of us. Literally. You look amazing in red pants? Are they the best colour for a steamy night in the bedroom? Thank you. It’s a nice little change from black. I'm told it does help with adding steam in the bedroom. It’s always a favourite with my girlfriends... We tell each other everything. You know... On them girly sleep overs, pillow fights and everything. There's enough steam in my bedroom already so I wouldn't know. I left the iron on... What kind of mood do you have to be in to wear red pants? Cheeky. Frisky. Adventurous. Hyper. Sassy. Fidgity. I like to dance in red pants. SEE MORE PICTURES FORM THIS EXCLUSIVE MAXIM.CO.UK SHOOT BY CLICKING HERE Tell us something about you that we don't already know... I presented on Fashion TV the other day. I pestered beautiful people with questions about U’Luvka Vodka and made them shout we love Fashion TV down my mic. If you ever see me holding a mic, please don't be shy, I won't bite! What's your favourite thing about Maxim's shoots so far? The outcome of Maxim shoots always suprises me – I look different in every one. Have you found my twin? If so, can I borrow her? What can we expect to see of you in the future in Maxim? My future with Maxim shall remain a pleasent suprise… More exclusive pictures I will be giving you, kind of like an ongoing Christmas. My weekly Bloke Counsellor columns are about to get a little more risque, too… Watch this space! Are you ever likely to go topless? Talk to the hand. We've got two tickets for East As Much As You Like Nando's. Would you be up for coming as our date? Mmm Nando's.... My weekly Bloke Counsellor columns are about to get a little more risque, too… Watch this space!

Francoise Boufhal - Francoise Boufhal in RED PT2! Maxim Magazine UK Nov 2009

Francoise Boufhal Francoise Boufhal in RED PT2! We said we had some more shots, and we weren't lying to ya. Check out Francoise Boufhal in more double-h'd Geordie dazzler glory only here on

Francoise Boufhal - Two of a kind... Maxim Magazine UK May 2010

Francoise Boufhal Two of a kind... There something about Francoise Boufhal, isn't there gentlemen? Two things if we're being more specific... Text: Uncle Bingo / Photos: May 2010 A Tale Of Two Kitties She's not just a tremendous, jaw-dropping, spine-bending chest though, oh no. A former Byker Grove actress that does bits and bobs for that Rio Ferdinand mag we're not allowed to mention and a wannabe TV star in her own right, Francoise is currently knocking down velvet-covered bunny-eared doors across the pond by appearing in Playboy USA. Let it be known though that we discovered her right here and gave her her first magazine spread. We'll be talkin to young Francoise about what she's been up to very soon. Till then, enjoy the pics. We have a feeling you will...

Femme Fatale - Down and Dirty in the Garage Maxim Magazine UK Jul 2004

Femme Fatale Down and Dirty in the Garage 1Xtra DJ Femme Fatale reveals all about sex in club toilets and kinky girl-on-girl action with lapdancers Note that this is not the textbook way to spin choons... But I did get some girl-on-girl action myself once...we went to a strip joint, and the guys were all having dances from the girls, so I had one too. She was beautiful, and at the end gave me a full-on snog 'Music's brilliant for having sex to.' That's debatable, given the devastating effects Mick Hucknall's voice could have on your stroke. But we're talking to an expert, so we'll hear her out. 'It depends on the mood, but every kind of music works for sex - drum 'n' bass, hip hop...' Ah, she's talking about 'urban' music. Meet Femme Fatale, the UK garage scene's sexiest DJ and leading lady of Radio 1's spin-off station, 1Xtra. 'Music definitely works with sex because I've seen loads of people shagging in clubs,' Femme tells us. 'They'll be doing a dance move or sitting on each other, but actually having sex. It's shocking. Having said that, I did it once when I was 17, in the toilets. It was great!' Femme spends every Friday night on the decks at London's Ministry of Sound, so she's witnessed plenty of those faux-lesbionic grinds that ladies launch into without fail (thank god). 'I can see straight through that,' she laughs. 'But I did get some girl-on-girl action myself once. It was in Miami. When the club closed we went to a strip joint, and the guys were all having dances from the girls, so I had one too. She was beautiful, and at the end gave me a full-on snog.' Right now, Femme's stuffing her box for the Garage Weekend on 1Xtra, 16-19 July, and after four days of non-stop banging choons, she'll be gagging for a lie-in. 'That's the best time to have a man around. Once or twice a week would be perrrfect for me.' What you have here, men, is a silky-voiced, party-loving, fast-living girl who's good with her fingers. And looking for a part-time lover. As soon as we find the garage she works in, we'll let you know. Femme Fatale is on 1Xtra BBC, 10-12am Wednesdays on DAB, and at

Fearne Cotton Maxim Magazine UK Sep 2008

Fearne Cotton ITV2's original X-Factor princess and tattooed music minx, it's telly favourite Fearne Cotton Hotter than Holly Willoughby? Click to here to see Holly's pics Career: 4 Teen shows, music shows, reality shows, radio shows, celebrity awards - you name it, Fearne's presented it. One of TV's most ubiquitous (and prettiest) faces, Fearne's plaudits include Top of the Pops, Live8, Eurovision, Brit Awards, XTra-Factor and Love Island. She used to be annoying, but she's now got this presenting lark honed to a tee. Star Status: 3 Occasionally seen in the celeb pages of tabloids, Fearne can also often be seen on the covers of glamorous girlies mags - normally to flaunt some of her 11 tattoos! Boyfriends: 3 Dating Fame Academy wally Peter Brame is hardly something to crow about, but Fearne's rebellious streak is illustrated in her choice of rock'n'rollers: former squeezes include frontmen for bands The Kooks and Lostprophets. She's currently linked to T4 presenter Steve Jones. Sexiness? You decide. Vote now!

Eva Nilsen - Probably the Best Babe Eva Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2003

Eva Nilsen Probably the Best Babe Eva She's the girl with the builder's crack in Carlsberg's 'perfect holiday' ad - but don't approach her when you've had a few If a man want's to come and talk to me, forget Dutch courage. There is nothing I hate more than a drunk 'I love the stuff,' trills the young construction worker who reveals her builder's crack in Carlsberg's new 'Perfect Holiday' advert. 'I absolutely love it. And I can drink,' she adds with a smile. 'At the beginning of the night you'll see me stood quietly next to the bar, but the more I drink, the more likely you are to see me dancing naked on tables'. Sorry, which bar was that? 'I can out-drink all my friends, but if a man want's to come and talk to me, forget Dutch courage. There is nothing I hate more than a drunk'. Aside from promoting Denmark's beloved beer, however, the Spanish-born maiden has had her fair share of crap jobs. 'I had to do an Aswad video, years ago', she remembers. 'It was January, freezing cold and I had to do a scene in a swimming pool. Needless to say every single part of my body was freezing, which, in hindsight, was probably the whole idea'. Aswad are no fools. So are we to take it this modelling lark isn't up to scratch? 'It's great, but when I was younger I really wanted to be a supermarket checkout girl. I used to see the girls keeping all the money they took. They had stacks of the stuff.' Perhaps it's time for a job change? 'No chance. I love posing', Eva purrs. 'Besides, you don't get free beer working at a checkout'.

Eva Mendes - Sneak Peek - Eva-lasting Love Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2008

Eva Mendes - Sneak Peek Eva-lasting Love Sumptuous, talented and scorching hot, Eva Mendes shows Maxim just why she's the new queen of Hollywood Eva Mendes quite simply is one of the hottest acting talents around. Her fiery Latino looks, incredible physique and unquestionable acting prowess (she's worked with Denzel Washington and Joaquin Phoenix), has seen her take Hollywood by storm. Not to mention the Maxim office too. In the latest, brand new new-look March issue of Maxim, Eva shows us just how incredible she is. There's a truly amazing shoot that'll suck your eyes right out of their sockets, plus a full exclusive interview, where not only does she talk to us about sex in furry costumes (!) but about farting in bed with Cameron Diaz too. Can you really afford to miss it?

Eva Mendes - Giving New York City The Horn Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2008

Eva Mendes Giving New York City The Horn Currently stopping traffic on NY's roads with her Calvin Klein billboard, we reckon she'll stop even more with this shoot on By Uncle Bingo January 2008 Mercy! When it comes to perfection, you can’t get much closer than the viciously attractive Eva Mendes. She’s acted with Hollywood heavyweights Denzel Washington and Joaquin Phoenix, yet she kindly took some time out to talk to Maxim about what she likes to do naked and farting with Cameron Diaz. Your new movie, We Own The Night, opens with a pretty explicit scene between you and Joaquin Phoenix. What was that day like? It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, ‘Why don’t you put a little vodka in your orange juice?’ So I did. It took the edge off. Is it bizarre to watch your own sex scenes? It was weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she had to come 15 minutes late. She couldn’t have lived through that first scene – she’d have had a heart attack. During filming you went to dinner with Joaquin and the tabloids linked you as a couple. Did you have a good laugh at that? Yeah, and the same thing happened with Matt Damon when we filmed Stuck On You. A few times when they were talking about Matt and me, it was actually Matt and his wife. You’ve flashed some skin on-screen. Are you a naked-around-the-house girl? Constantly. What’s the weirdest thing you do naked? I do gardening naked. If I’m hanging out naked and see some roses that need pruning, I’ll prune them. I’m not going to get dressed first. But I’m not an exhibitionist – I don’t want my neighbours to see. Your TV debut was Aerosmith’s ‘Hole In My Soul’ video. Any good stories from the set? I played a character created in a lab, Weird Science-style. I was wearing an American flag bikini. Pure class… I was so embarrassed. What’s your worst video experience? I did walk off a rap video once. My first year in the business, I went out for any roles that would take me. But after a couple of videos, I told my agent, ‘No more gyrating in bikinis.’ On the next video, they brought in all these tiny sequined shorts and bras, and I said, ‘I’m not wearing those.’They go, ‘You said you wouldn’t wear a bikini.’ I needed money, so I was looking at this sequined thing, going, ‘What do I do?’ Then I saw a sign that said something like ‘Holding area for cash money hos’. I was like, ‘I’m out,’ and I took off in my ‘85 Escort. I’m proud of that moment. You appeared in Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ video. Did that lead to your role in Hitch? Not at all. I expected Will to be like, ‘Congrats, you’ve done well since your video girl days,’ but he didn’t remember me. I was like, ‘You don’t remember me, do you?’ and I saw a bit of panic in his eyes. A few years ago, you and Cameron Diaz went to Nepal for her MTV show, and we learned you’re arachnophobic. I used to freak out and start screaming if I saw a spider. I was actually hypnotised to get over it. Did being hypnotised work? The fear is still there, but it’s about 80 per cent better than it was. We heard that you kept Cameron awake by farting… Cameron is a big ol’ belcher, but I can’t belch. One night I had a heavy dinner, so I combated her belching with something I could do. We were in side-by-side beds, so it was her disgusting bodily function versus mine. It was an Eva-Cameron fart-belch off. Lots of celebrities deny rumours about themselves. Would you like to take this opportunity to start an unfounded rumour about yourself? Yes! What would freak people out? Six toes? Excessive back hair? Here’s something I honestly do: bite my toenails. I used to be addicted. I’d sit in front of the TV and chew away. I don’t do it in front of people because it’s private. Unless someone has a toenail-biting fetish. If you’re a freak, maybe. And what about furries – someone in a bunny costume and someone in a chipmunk costume having sex? My friend told me about that, and I laughed so hard. There’s something kind of sweet – in a weird way – about furries. It’s a cute visual. I do gardening naked. If I’m hanging out naked and see some roses that need pruning, I’ll prune them. I’m not going to get dressed first. Are you saying you’d have sex in a bunny costume? I don’t see that in my future. Although, I’m young… you never know what you may feel like doing when you get into your 60s and you’ve done everything. For now, I don’t see it, but I’m not ruling it out.

Erin McNaught Maxim Magazine UK Jul 2008

Erin McNaught If any woman can spice up Australia’s most famous thoroughfare, then it’s Oz super-minx, Erin McNaught. Ramsay Street may never be the same again… Some things in Neighbours never change. Harold Bishop still looks horrified at the thought of a tepid cappuccino, Lou Carpenter’s still the character you’d most like to get drunk with and Ramsay Street still provides more drama than a night out with Amy Winehouse. The show’s writers sometimes have enough sense to shake up the format though, and this summer sees the introduction of Miss Australia 2006, Erin McNaught, as feisty runaway Sienna Cammentini. We’re sure the regulars at Lassiter’s will be delighted. I'm a bit of a tomboy -I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty

Emma Griffiths - Emma-zing Maxim Magazine UK Mar 2006

Emma Griffiths Emma-zing MTV’s Emma Griffiths looks amazing. Hence the headline, ‘Emma-zing’! Text: Jimi Famurewa / Photos: Archibald March 2006 Cripes! She’s incredibly hot! But then she is MTV’s Emma Griffiths! If we were in charge of television, not only would you be able to grab pork-based snack products straight off the screen, but Emma Griffiths would be on the box constantly! And also be grab-able! A couple of hours a week of watching Emma being all lovely just isn’t enough! She is the sexiest pop-presenting, dreamy-eyed, feline-looking girl on the telly! While we were interviewing her Fearne Cotton came in – but we didn’t pay much attention to her! We were too busy fantasising about Emma being a giant, sexy cat and us being a little mouse that she was playfully dismembering! It seemed sexier at the time. What did you think of the shoot? If I did have a pillow fight with anyone, it’d be with Fearne Cotton It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. It was very wet, though. Were you worried we’d try and drown you a little bit? Actually, the water was really nice. It was warm – which is rare on photoshoots. I saw Journey South next door, as well! That was quite a privilege. What’s your ambition? I just want to do more terrestrial TV. I’d like to host a reality show. My ideal job would be a travel show, like an alternative one. But doing awards shows or anything? I’d shit myself – I’d be petrified. What’s been the worst interview you’ve been part of? Bearing in mind this one’s only just started. The hardest one I’ve done as an interviewer was Tobey Maguire – he just takes himself really, really seriously. It was one of my first interviews, and I was really nervous. I wanted to have a laugh, and he wouldn’t play with me. I panicked, went bright red and closed the interview. My producer was like, ‘You’ve still got three minutes left!’ So I had to sort of start again. It was so embarrassing! But I interviewed him again for Spider-Man, and he was more fun. The first interview was for that fucking horse movie! Seabiscuit! Do you have any interview tips? I just make sure I research them thoroughly first – and I flirt with ‘I flirt with my guests, even if they’re girls! I don’t flirt with them on purpose – it’s just me having a laugh’ them, even if they’re girls! I don’t flirt with them on purpose – it’s just me having a laugh. Do interviewees ever get the wrong idea from your flirting? Not really. People know that you’re not going to be on camera and try and crack on to them. So you wait till the ad break? (Laughs) Yeah, then I rub their leg! No, most times people just play up to it and flirt back. Last time we interviewed an attractive music-show presenter, it was myleene Klass, and she got happy-slapped a few days later. It could be a curse. are you scared? I’m terrified, to be honest. I’ll be careful on the way home. Do you get on with other pop presenters, or is it like being in different gangs that have to fight every time they see each other? Well, I don’t know Myleene, but I know [MTV’s TRL presenter] Dave Berry and [Top Of The Pops presenter] Tim Kash – I’m good friends with most of… (Fearne Cotton walks in, mid sentence. There’s an exchange of oh my Gods and how are yous, then we are asked if we’d mind Fearne sitting in and waiting for a bit. A little man jumps up inside us and shouts ‘Yippee!’) … As if by magic! That was weird. Do all hot, young presenters live together and have pillow fights? Well, no. But if I did have a pillow fight with anyone, it’d be Fearne. Is that because she’s weak? No, she’d give as good as she got. She’s quite ballsy, is our Fearne! Are you still with that Matt Jay out of Busted? Does he know you used to think he, the eyebrows one and other one were shit? Absolutely! I told him, and obviously he disagreed, but he’s very similar to me – he likes the same range of music that I do. You’ve been rumoured to have dated quite a few celebrity men. When we Googled you, Robbie Williams’s funny little head kept coming up. Does this annoy you? The Robbie rumour really upset me – because it’s not nice for me, and it’s not nice for Matt, and it’s not nice for Robbie. We know it’s not true, and that’s all that matters. I just try to ignore it. Where’s your hometown? Birmingham. When I go back up they think I’m posh. They call me ‘Cockney wanker’, actually. And down here, I’m just like some common Brummie. I can’t win! What makes your accent go really Brummie? I think it’s when I’m emotional – when I’m angry, or drunk, or excited, I get more Brummie. How about when you’re sexing? No. I stay quiet then. Have you drunkenly kissed all of your male co-hosts? I’ve always had male co-hosts, and we’re normally good mates. I ended up drunkenly kissing Alex [Zane], and we wound up going out for a bit. That’s the only time. Do you feel bad about making us instantly hate all these men you’re close to, because they’re not us? Is that true!? It works both ways, though – think how many women are jealous of me being close to these guys that they fancy. So, hypothetically, hosting a show with you would be a realistic way for a single guy to meet you? No – you just need to be funny. I love a sense of humour. It’s such a cliché, but if you can make me laugh, then you’re on your way. You’ve travelled all over the world. What was your least favourite place, and why? It wasn’t with work, but I went to Marbella, and it was shit. It wasn’t that nice weather, and the hotel was only half-built. It was full of rich people and tossers. It was just a bit wanky. Have you been asked to do any reality TV shows? I was asked to go on The Games. If I were to go on a reality show, that’d be the one. It’d be good to be trained to do something, and I’m really sporty. Plus, imagine how toned your body would be! I hate going to the gym. Are your scary blue eyes real? They are real. My best friend once said to me, if I had shitty brown eyes, I’d be really unattractive. And that’s my best mate! I thought that was charming. What’s the most horrible thing you’ve had in your eyes? Nothing horrible – but they’re really sensitive. They get puffy, and when I haven’t had sleep, or when I cry, they swell right up. They look like scary vampire eyes! Do you think if you wore an eyepatch, you’d be only half as sexy? I don’t know about that. Maybe I’d only get half my salary You look very feline. Are you happy with being a cat, or would you like to pick another animal? Yeah, cats are good. Not a house cat, though – I’d like to be a big cat, like a leopard. Maybe a snow leopard, or a panther. Did you ever wear a shell-suit? Yeah, I had a couple. My main one was purple, green and white. I had a massive blonde perm as well. I looked lovely. What would you say to people who suggest presenting is easy? ‘Shut up, shithead’? Something like that? It’s only easy if you know it. It’s not hard – don’t get me wrong – but it’s not simple either… FYI: She prefers brown sauce to ketchup and often has a bottle of HP with her. Never Daddies! When on the train, she likes using both her iPod and a book to pass the time. It’s a 70 per cent to 30 per cent split in favour of her iPod! In your face, books! She only uses lip balm in the winter – because the main thing she likes on her lips is other lips! As a child she shared a room with her sister, and she always wanted bunk beds – but never got them!

Emily Scott - Scorching Scott! Maxim Magazine UK Sep 2007

Emily Scott Scorching Scott! Goodbye Australia, goodbye clothes. Hello Maxim! Emily Scott takes everything off in our full, amazing shoot! I think my boobs are just a talent in themselves. Nothing more, nothing less! They say making people laugh is more important than looks. Rubbish! If we’d decided to give over the next eight pages to pictures of Johnny Vegas in his underpants, your eyes wouldn’t be jumping out of your head quite as far as they probably are at the sight of the beautiful Emily Scott. Gasp in pleasure at the Aussie sensation in these exclusive pictures from her calendar, then cringe in horror as we bring up every Australian cliché going for the interview! Hi, Emily. You’re Australian. Can you briefly tell us what’s going on in Neighbours, Home And Away, Sons And Daughters, Prisoner Cell Block H, The Flying Doctors and Heartbreak High? I saw Home And Away yesterday, and some people were arguing and someone was in love – but it was unrequited! And last time I saw Neighbours, Susan and Carl were having another big argument. Have you ever been bitten on the boobs by a funnel-web spider or stung on the bottom by a box jellyfish? Er, no. But I’ve been stung by a jellyfish on my knee and on my elbow – and we used to get snakes coming into the house. If you were about to be eaten by a shark, which bit would you recommend it ate first? My butt. But I’d prefer it if it bit my left hand because I probably don’t use it much. That’s me being practical. Can you explain how Australians like to eat their Penguin chocolate biscuits, please? It’s the best thing in the world! You bite off opposite corners, then you make a hot drink and you suck the drink through the biscuit. Then you have to eat it fast, because it disintegrates. Have you ever done anything naughty with a boomerang? I’ve never even thrown a boomerang. You have to leave it to the professionals. They’re dangerous! I wouldn’t even dare. How long did it take you to tip all the sand out of your shoes when you got home from Love Island? Probably an hour. I’m used to it, though. My house is full of sand. If we suddenly started doing karaoke during this interview, what song could we do as a duet? I’m rubbish at learning words to songs, so I’ll probably just be mumbling. I’d do something stupid like ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears. Could we do Kylie and Jason? I think we should leave Kylie as something sacred. If you were on Britain’s Got Talent, what would your ‘talent’ be? Does shoe shopping count? Because I’m pretty good at that. I could wow the judges by being able to pick out the most expensive pairs of shoes in the shop at first glance. Have your boobs got any special talents we should know about? I think they’re just a talent in themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. If you did a movie, would you prefer to be a damsel in distress or a feisty heroine? I want to be Lara Croft! It’d be fun. I’d get to wear a tight, sexy outfit and have action scenes. I’d much rather be the heroine than the damsel in distress. Did you enjoy the shoot for your new calendar? Yes, but we caused all sorts of commotion. We took a road trip in Ibiza, and one of the photos had me hitch-hiking at the side of the road, topless, pouring a whole bottle of oil over myself. Cars were screeching to a halt and one guy on a scooter did a double-take, skidded off the road and crashed his bike into a big hedge. He was fine, but I thought it was highly amusing. Does the sight of you in the near-buff normally have that effect on people? All the time! We were shooting one day in this abandoned theme park and we noticed this guy slumped over in the ghost train – we thought he was dead. Turns out he’d just decided to have a bit of a lie down on the way home from a club! Would you fancy going out with a footballer? I’ve never really been into the whole footballer thing. I like men like Clive Owen and Edward Norton… oh, and Bruce Willis! How about going out with another sexy lady? I don’t think I could ever have a proper girlfriend. It might be a bit too much. But you can never tell who you’re going to fall for! Where’s the weirdest place you’ve done the deed? At a wedding reception. With the groom? No! It was someone I was seeing at the time. I wasn’t that cheeky! We could agree that if we both don’t meet anyone by the time we’re 50, we’ll marry each other so we don’t die alone. Thanks, but I think I’ll be fine. I hope it happens before I’m 50! Thanks for the chat, Emily. Next time, why don’t we come and visit you in Australia and you could show us around where you live? That would be awesome, yeah! I’d take you to the beach and we could go drinking. And we could do some nice shots at the side of the road, all covered in oil and I could hold up all the traffic all over again. Ha ha!

Elle Liberachi - The Tears Will Roll Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2009

Elle Liberachi The Tears Will Roll Looking at Elle cavorting in just her bikini botts and booby tassles in a barber shop is enough to make any man weep. Especially those who desperately need a haircut. Text: Uncle Bingo / Photos: James Rudland August 2009 If Elle Liberachi wasn't obscenely beautiful, dead sexy and just a little bit of allllllright, these shots would probably be quite annoying. It's bad enough going to a barber's anyway, isn't it? The last thing you want is only one chair in use because some stunning model (who you will probably never be intimate with or even speak to) is having her photos done for an ace little website. ......................... "I don't give a shitty piss if there's aMaxim shoot going on, Roger, I JUST WANT MY FUCKING HAIR CUT! There's hundreds of places where this shoot could have been done: in my house or in my mate John's Fiat fucking Tipo are just two very quick suggestions. It's fucking easy this location stuff, isn't it? FUCKING THINK ABOUT IT! Now, because of this terrible inconvenience, MY HAIR WILL BE A WINDSWEPT, TANGLY MESS FOR A LITTLE BIT LONGER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN! I hope you're pleased with your self Elle Liberachi. [Points at Elle] And you James Rudland. [Points at James] You have ruined my day completely! And you don't even look like you care..." ......................... Note to disgruntled readers who feel put out by this: Not one man's trip to the barber shop/haircut was affected by this shoot. It was a set-build. Not a real barber shop. Note to people who believe things most people wouldn't: It wasn't even Elle Liberachi in the shoot! It was me in an Elle Liberachi costume. Note to self: Must get hair cut soon. It's longer than i would like it to be. Last note on this article: If we ever shoot Elle again, let's do it in a kitchen. Then we can use the headline: Elle's Kitchen. There's hundreds of places where this shoot could have been done: in my house or in my mate John's Fiat Tipo are just two very quick suggestions.

Eliza Dushku - 'Buffy' Buffy Actress On Telly Alert! Maxim Magazine UK May 2009

Eliza Dushku 'Buffy' Buffy Actress On Telly Alert! The fella who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer and angel, Joss Whedon, has a new show on Sci Fi - Dollhouse. And, true to form, he's not afraid to pack it full of nubile girlies. By Stu Mesh May 2009 A slightly baffling new series with a simply stunning lead premiered on the Sci Fi channel this week. The delightful Eliza Dushku, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame, plays Echo, a “Doll” imprinted with a new persona and sent on jobs by “Handlers”. In between these bothersome tasks she lives in a giant lezzie dorm called the "Dollhouse" which is located in LA and ran by a load of nefarious types called the "Rossum Corporation". Eliza’s character is different from her Dolly brethren though, because even though the faceless corporate twerps keep trying to erase her sexy little mind, she wants to become self-aware more than we want her to be our new workie. Whether this mind-wiping lark involves lots of nudity is undisclosed at present, but we’re hoping it is generally a fairly clothes-less process. So there.

Eliza Dushku - There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza... Maxim Magazine UK Apr 2010

Eliza Dushku There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza... ...actually no there isn't. We just wanted to get your attention. Pathetic, I know. Sorry about that. By Uncle Bingo April 2010 Let us be realistic here, huh? HUH! If Eliza Patricia Dushku was being handed a bucket she wouldn’t be getting one with a hole in it. She’d be getting one with a reinforced bottom handed to her by a male model with pristine fingernails and fake pecs. And it would be made of shiny precious metals and full of expensive hand creams and shit. IT WOULD NOT HAVE A HOLE IN IT! It was just a reference to that “There's a Hole in My Bucket” infinite-loop type song people used to sing in the days before computer games and MTV. The days before Eliza Dushku. Which makes it even less relevant. Anyway, the usual thing to do in these virtual holes is to write about the star of the pictures in question. So... [Writes very fast]... She’s a massive fan of her “big brother” Joss Whedon, after her recurring appearances as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series Angel. She also starred in two short-lived Fox series, Tru Calling and Dollhouse. She has also appeared in several films, including True Lies, The New Guy, Bring It On, Wrong Turn and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. And she has nice breasts, which is especially noticeable when they are pressed up against lycra tops. [Resumes normal writing speed] Job done, now check out the pictures for goodness sake…

Elisha Cuthbert - Sneak Peek - All American teenage sexbomb! Maxim Magazine UK May 2008

Elisha Cuthbert - Sneak Peek All American teenage sexbomb! 24's daughter-in-distress is rescused for the Maxim cover: meet TV's hottest blonde Elisha Cuthbert! Shooting to fame as the sexbomb daughter of Jack Bauer in 24, Elisha has had all sorts of bad things happen to her since - turned into a candle in House Of Wax and mercilessly abused in torture porn Captivity. Fortunately, these were just fiction films, and the talented actress has an incredibly fruitful career ahead of her. In the July issue of Maxim, on sale now, we have a mindblowing covershoot with the blonde sexpot, plus a candid interview. And as well as informing us of her male turn-offs (guys, take note!), she even talks about the small possibility of a 24 movie... Go get it now!

Elisha Cuthbert - A Thong For Elisha Maxim Magazine UK Dec 2002

Elisha Cuthbert A Thong For Elisha Elisha Cuthbert reveals that the best way to become her boyfriend up is to try to remove her bikini top Elisha Cuthbert - don't let Jack catch you gawping... Has your boyfriend asked you to put on that fantastically ripped red T-shirt that you wore throughout 24? This guy once pulled the string on my bikini top. He didn't exactly yank it off but it stopped me dead in my tracks. He hasn't had the chance because I haven't got one. We used about 10 of them throughout the filming of the series but they never gave me one to take home. For the next series, I'm hoping the outfit will be a bit more mature and a little less slutty. Have you ever got off with two chaps in any one 24-hour period? How much trouble am I going to get into if I admit to that? I'm sure if I had I would remember it, but as nothing springs to mind, I'll honestly have to say 'no'. I'm not the most adventurous type when it comes to guys and sex. Day or night, what's the sexiest thing you could ever put on? A thong. I absolutely adore them. They're feminine and men really love them, but more than that you can make them individual by putting gems on them and of course they help you avoid that whole panty line thing. A fancy bra from Victoria's Secret worn with a thong is the sexiest you can get. How do you like your men to dress? I love men in suits and ties - it's so proper and classy. Also, I wish men would wear scarves more because I love them. You English guys do scarves so well. Hugh Grant is at the forefront of that whole look. Who saw you naked in the last 24 hours? Just myself when I caught my reflection in the mirror as I stepped out of the shower. It wouldn't even have been my boyfriend because I'm very uneasy about being naked in front him. I'm actually incredibly shy. Give us a solid gold 24-carat chat-up line. This guy once pulled the string on my bikini top. He didn't exactly yank it off but it stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned round and said, 'I think you'd better work on your moves, buddy' It had the desired effect though because he's now my boyfriend.

Elisha Cuthbert - 24 Heaven! Maxim Magzine UK Jun 2004

Elisha Cuthbert 24 Heaven! Elisha Cuthbert, star of 24 and The Girl Next Door, talks about sex scenes, faking orgasms and her big lesbian secret... Elisha Cuthbert - she's made love to a box. No kidding. You had to do some racy stuff in The Girl Next Door. Was it, er, hard? It's funny, for the sex scene I actually made love to a box. It was supposed to look like it's from the guy's point of view, but obviously you can't have a person and a camera in the same place, so they just put a cushion over a box Yeah. My manager called me and said, 'Read the script. I think it's really great, but it's got some porn in it.' And I was like, 'Excuse me? What do you mean, porn?' But when I read it, I was literally laughing out loud. I'd have to kiss the boy's mom, I'd have to get naked, I'd have to do the love scene.' But I was comfortable with the scenes where I had to show partial nudity. So were the sex scenes in The Girl Next Door awkward? It's funny, for the sex scene I actually made love to a box. It was supposed to look like it's from the guy's point of view, but obviously you can't have a person and a camera in the same place, so they just put a cushion over a box, and I had to act like I was making love to it. So every sequence where you see me moaning or doing something, I was all by myself. Is it hard to fake an orgasm on camera without cracking up? Yeah, especially given the nature of the film. We're not filming Cold Mountain. I think it was the weirdest thing I've ever had to shoot in my life. It was weird trying to take it seriously. Is it difficult to sit in a cinema with a bunch of strangers and have them watch you do this stuff? It was, initially. It was uncomfortable when I saw the film on my own, which was also the first time I saw it with an audience. I stayed for the undressing scene - that was fine - but during the love scene I got up and went to the bathroom, even though I didn't have to go. It was very awkward. We've heard this rumour that in the current season of 24, your character has a big secret... Well, my mother wouldn't stop calling me. 'Are you a lesbian on the show?' 'No, Mom. I have a boyfriend.' Two days later: 'Are you a lesbian on the show? Are you not telling me?' She actually thought I was keeping it from her. Did you watch any blue films for, you know, research purposes? No, but I watched some documentaries on girls who've been in the business. We also looked through Hustler for wardrobe ideas. So what do you do when you're not studying grumble mags? Hang out with friends. I like to paint. My garage is a painting studio. I'm very mellow. I think if I hadn't become an actress I would've lived the simple life. You know, get married and sit on my porch. You recently celebrated your 21st birthday. What did you do? I got a surprise birthday party, and I had a cake that was shaped as a driver's licence. It looked just like me. And then I partied until 2:30 in the morning. I got really drunk and finished off a bottle of Jack Daniel's. A friend of ours said he'd give us 0 if we polished off the bottle, but we were like, 'We're going to finish it anyway' Get any saucy lingerie as a birthday present, by any chance? No, but I've had some in the gift bags at Maxim parties. This year there was this pink underwear with black lace that said Maxim Space Cowgirl on the arse. They were really cute. So Maxim has bought me some naughty things. Thank you! You're very welcome. Have you got any other films coming up? No. I'm shooting 24, and I had to turn down a few things because of scheduling issues. There are a few projects coming up during the show's break, but I'm very superstitious. I don't like to talk about anything until I'm actually on the set and working. So do you ever get cracked onto with any really bad 24-related chat-up lines? I get a lot of, 'Hey, Kim: and 'What's up, Kim?' And I actually respond to my character's name, which is really scary. And I've gotten busted, too, where someone will say Kim and I'll turn around, but they're not talking to me
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