Back in the Day - Sex in the Seventies Maxim Magazine UK Jul 2009 Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett. All Time Pin-up. Legend

Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Girl With Attitude Maxim Magazine UK Dec 2004

Avril Lavigne Sk8er Girl With Attitude Is Avril Lavigne a Pop Princess? Or the Queen Of Mean? Make your own mind up with the full Maxim photoshoot of Avril as you've never seen her before Avril Lavigne in repose. Note the belt buckle... To be honest, we were half expecting you to bitch-slap us when we walked through the door. Is that image of 'Angry Avril' the biggest misconception people have about you? After this interview, I'm going to go up the Sunset Strip with my friend, get wasted... and get pizza There are a few things. The media have portrayed me as an angry girl who's pissed off all the time. They've labelled me tons of things, but none of them really sum up who I am or what I'm like. But I'm over it and I honestly feel like that's gone away. When was the last time you had to smack a bitch down? In a bar, a few months ago. Some chick came up to me and got in my face and said something, so I kicked her in the box and shoved her. I don't go looking for fights, but if someone comes up to me and pushes me, I'm not going to take it. What did she say to you? 'You're not punk rock, blah, blah, blah .. .' Look, I never once said I was punk. I don't want to be punk. I'm just a really strong, opinionated person. Though I do like punk. Some of my favourite bands are punk bands: Pennywise, The Distillers, Green Day ... But I'm mostly into rock bands like Radiohead and Linkin Parke Some people claim your skaterpunk look is just a carefully planned image. Nobody tells me what to wear. Trust me. I'm a girl, and I'm growing up. I wrote my first album when I was a 16-year-old skater who wore size-32 pants and hoodies. I was a tomboy. I had an older brother I looked up to, and I hung out with mostly guys. Now I'm into skirts. I'm growing up, I'm changing, I'm becoming a woman. That happens to girls - they become women. So we've heard. So, cute girls can pretty much get guys to do anything? Are you saying that I'm cute? Yes. Please don't hit us in the box. Do you ever use your cuteness to make guys do something for you? When I used to go to bars with my friends, I was like, 'We're chicks - we don't pay for drinks. Let's get guys to buy us drinks.' But that was before my first album came out. Now I buy the drinks. And I'm such a party animal (Laughs). After this interview, I'm going to go up the Sunset Strip with my friend, get wasted ... and get pizza. I'm the kind of girl who, when I go to a bar or a club, I just want to get wasted, dance and hang out. What's your poison? Double shot of Grey Goose in a glass with ice. Do you have any groupies? I'm not the kind of chick who wants to get laid by random people - I'm not a guy. You're not into random sex with strangers? And you call yourself a rockstar? No. That wouldn't satisfy me. I need something deeper than that. Something honest and real. Weird. You always seem to be linked to guitar players. What's the appeal? There's nothing sexier than a guy on stage rockin' out with a guitar. It's really fucking hot. Ever get hit on by female fans? I signed a girl's boobs once. We were at an autograph signing, and this woman was like, 'Sign my boobs.' I said, 'Uh ... OK.' I didn't care. As a woman who spends a lot of time around men, what's the best advice you could give guys about women? I think it's important for guys to treat girls with a lot of respect. Put the lady first. We're delicate flowers. There's my advice: treat girls like they're princesses, because we are. OK. Miss Delicate Flower: what position do you play in hockey? Right wing and centre. I've played hockey since I was a kid. In high school our team got invited to this tournament, but I got busted for drinking the night before, so they sent me home. That was back when I'd get drunk on one beer. How many beers does is take now? Um ... one (Laughs). I'm such a cheap drunk. I can actually drink a lot - I just get buzzed on one beer. I can handle four shots of Jagermeister, but then I'm shitfaced the rest of the night. Then we're buying!

Audrina Patridge - Sexy Hot Teaser Video! Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2009

Audrina Patridge Sexy Hot Teaser Video! Wow. Best know for her role in The Hills, Audrina Patridge is going to appear in her own reality show in 2010!

Audrina Patridge - 'The next big thing' Maxim Magazine UK Mar 2010

Audrina Patridge 'The next big thing' If you thought stonewash jeans were the next big thing, you were wrong. AUDRINA PATRIDGE is the next big thing! Stonewash jeans - NOT THE NEXT BIG THING! Genghis Khan pies - NOT QUITE THE NEXT BIG THING! Facebook - THE LAST BIG THING! Eamonn Holmes - THE BIG THING! The Thing - THE THING! The sentence after this - THE NEXT THING! Audrina Patridge - THE NEXT BIG THING! Simple.

Ashley Mulheron - Nice Dunes Ashley! Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2005

Ashley Mulheron Nice Dunes Ashley! It's Ashley Mulheron from T4's California Dreaming. On the beach. In a bikini. With a 99. As you do Ashley models for Scarborough's statue of liberty Americans take it too seriously. My acting coach told me that if I didn’t make it, I’d die. I’m still living… California Dreams is the worst TV show we’ve ever seen. It was made in the mid-90s and followed a bunch of young people trying to make it in the world of pop music. The theme tune went, ‘Surf dudes, with attitude, kind of groo-oovy/Laid back moves, sky above/Good vibrations, feeling mellow…’ Utter toilet. Fortunately, Ashley Mulheron is in a completely different show, called California Dreaming, where a bunch of young people go to Los Angeles to try and make it in the world of acting and presenting. Vernon Kay is involved, but at least the theme tune doesn’t use the word ‘dudes’. Brilliant! How was shooting California Dreaming? It was great. I thought, ‘What a great gig! Five young people going out to LA and living in a big house, having fun!’ It was so me. I wish I could tell you that I hadn’t liked it, but I really did. Did any Hollywood big shots try to hump you on their casting couches? No! I think because we had a camera following us, it put them off a bit. Who was the most self-obsessed person you met? Wait, let us guess… was it Vernon Kay? Actually, no. He’s one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. Seriously. That’s really quite disappointing. I’d tell you if I didn’t like him, but I did – he was brilliant. Most people in TV are a little bit self-obsessed, but I can’t really say one more than anyone else. What was the best piece of advice you got while you were out there? The best thing was just learning so much, going to meetings and taking things away from it; learning all the time. What did you actually learn then? Um… I can pop popcorn really well now… but working out there as well was great. I made it on to Good Day LA, which is a breakfast television show out there. That was brilliant. What’s the most ridiculous thing you were told? Some Americans take it too seriously. My acting coach told me that if I didn’t make it, I’d die. I’m still living… so that was pretty ridiculous. He told us we’d be depressed for the rest of our lives. Quite encouraging, then? Yeah. Did you meet anyone you wanted to punch? Yeah. Mostly, it was kids doing things for Disney. We hope you got some good kicks in as well, then. They were really irritating and cheesy, and I just wanted to knock them out! Thing is, I interviewed Jodie Foster, and she gave me so much time. She was so relaxed and so cool, and I spoke to her for ages. It was the little stars I’d never even heard of who were giving me so much crap. They were like, ‘Oh my God, you’ve got, like, two seconds with me,’ and I’d be going, OK… I couldn’t care less if we got them or not. You were out there with Fat Keith from The Office… what was he like? He’s become such a good friend; he’s one if the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and certainly the funniest. We sat together on the flight going over and I was going, ‘You’ve got to stop making me laugh, I have to go to sleep! Stop being funny!’ Would you sleep with him if your life depended on it? You can’t ask me that! So if you failed as a presenter, could you see yourself going for acting jobs and eventually drifting into porn? Absolutely no chance. None. At. All. Ever. Not even if there was a really good script? Not even if there was a script written by the best scriptwriter in the world, no. OK… but say doing one porn film was a make-or-break condition of getting the best presenting job in the world? Still, absolutely not. Oh. Your sister’s an actress, isn’t she? Yeah, she was in Hollyoaks. What’s it like going on a night out with you and your sister? It’s brilliant. We’re so close. We share a flat together. We go out and have a great time. Do you still share clothes? Yeah, we’re similar sizes. Before we go out there’s clothes flying everywhere. Do you still share baths? We don’t actually, we gave that up last year. Was it hard trying to look sexy for this shoot, sitting in a sandpit? Well, I just imagined I was on a real beach. I could almost smell the sea when I closed my eyes. Q: That was our photographer. Sorry about that – he has a little problem.

Ashley Greene - 'Paint my Nipples!' Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2010

Ashley Greene 'Paint my Nipples!' The super-fit one from the reprehensible Twilight movie series has just done some adverts for a drink firm ( in the total buff! Oo-getyerbrushesout-er! All she's wearing is the quite canny painted-on bikini that some lucky artist (who actually managed to keep a steady hand, fair play) got to paint on her before they took these shots.

Aria Giovanni - Penthouse Pet proves she's worth keeping! Maxim Magazine UK May 2010

Aria Giovanni Penthouse Pet proves she's worth keeping! Not sure why she's a pet... but we promise to feed her, bathe her, and give her lots of exercise! She has one of the most recognisable names in modelling and here she shows why.

 A favourite of Penthouse and Playboy, star of many a movie (but not the kind you'd watch with anyone else), Aria is one hot cookie. She's also currently starring on the 2010 Nerdcore Horror Calendar... where do we get ours?!

Anya Monzikova - From Russia With Lust Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2008

Anya Monzikova From Russia With Lust It’s time to dribble over the latest Bolshevik beauty... The British version of Deal Or No Deal has an awful lot to answer for. We have Noel Edmonds, tiny grandmas with no teeth and lots of idiotic students clapping like retards. In America, they have models in dangerously low-cut tops seductively stroking, fingering, then opening the boxes! One such model is Anya Monzikova. The Russian-born lingerie girl has far more than good looks and box-opening skills, however. She’s a trained wushu fighter and a Hollywood actress to boot. With cameos in CSI: Miami, Tropic Thunder and Bruce Willis’s next film, The Surrogates, she’s got a lot going on. Doth your fez to this lady now. You recently had a part in Tropic Thunder. Who are you in it? Ben Stiller got everyone from Hollywood to take part in this Oscar scene at the end – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alicia Silverstone, Jon Voight – and I got to do a little cameo as the trophy girl. And what were you in CSI? I was on CSI: Miami and CSI: Las Vegas! I played a hooker who kills this mother and then runs downstairs and, as I go into the dark room, I get killed by the daughter. You practice wushu. What on earth is that? Jet Li and Jackie Chan are the masters of it. It’s used in movies, especially when they use swords and stuff. If you’ve seen any of those films with those two actors in it, you’ve probably seen wushu. Do you own a sword? Yeah. My friends used to make fun of me because I used to carry swords and sticks in my car. If anyone messed with us, my friend used to say, ‘Go away, she’s got swords!’ What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done when drunk? I’m a girl that can hold her liquor, so you won’t see me falling over or throwing up anywhere. You’re Russian. You were probably breast-fed vodka… Ha ha, I can hold my own, but I can assure you it wasn’t inserted in my bottle or anything like that! What’s better – having sex, eating cheese or jumping up and down on a trampoline? Having sex, of course! How about altogether? Actually, I don’t think cheese and sex go together too well! It’s not really sexy. If you could make your clothes out of food, what would you use? What a strange question. I’d say a coconut bra with strawberries and whipped cream for pants! Why not, eh? Having sex and eating cheese are both fun - but the two definitely don't go together

Anna Paquin - Kinky Vampire Time! Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2009

Anna Paquin Kinky Vampire Time! We are seriously digging True Blood, Channel 4's kinky vampire drama - in particular Anna Paquin's role as Sookie Stackhouse . . . By Eduardo Anselmi October 2009 The first episode of True Blood (Channel 4, Wednesdays, 10pm) sets out to shock, featuring a couple getting amorous strung from a meat hook while watching vampire sex on video. So far, so very, very good. It has been a huge success in America, winning Anna Paquin a 2009 Golden Globe for best actress in a television drama. It is now HBO's second most popular series, after The Sopranos. To add to the mix, and to the delight of the British tabloids, in August Paquin got engaged in real life to her vampire lover, the English actor Stephen Moyer. He is 40, she is 27, and so bloody what? "It's a really full-on, sexy show," Paquin says. "Lots of weird, kinky vampire sex and weird, kinky mortal sex! It never put me off. I guess either you read something and go, "Oh, my God, no!", or you read something and you go, 'That's sort of cool!'

Anna Kournikova - Anna Kournikova: Missing In Action Maxim Magazine UK Mar 2010

Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova: Missing In Action Remember Anna Kournikova? Sure you do. But how well? We had forgotten just how sweet a thing she was, but we're happy to be reminded! Back in the day, if that day was sometime between 1996 and 2005, Anna Kournikova was probably the most lusted after woman over a huge area of the populated world. She was the Most Searched for lady of the internet - a fact made more satisfying when you recall that she loved doing sexy shoots. Oh, and she was a good tennis player for a while. Her popularity even extended into poker lingo, where the hole cards Ace-King are sometimes referred to as an 'Anna Kournikova,' not only because the hand shares the AK initials with the fromer tennis star, but also because the hand has the reputation of not playing well. It is said that a Kournikova hand 'looks really good, but rarely wins.'

Anna Faris - Scary Movie's Man-juice Moll Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2003

Anna Faris Scary Movie's Man-juice Moll She was juiced by jizz in Scary Movie but still wants to travel the world, falling in love. Meet Anna Faris you can't help being turned off a little at the thought of being plastered to the ceiling by your boyfriend's man-juice 'I'm not easily grossed out,' says Anna Faris, seriously. 'But you can't help being turned off a little at the thought of being plastered to the ceiling by your boyfriend's man-juice.' Anna is, of course, talking about one of the messier moments from Scary Movie, the spoof slasher flick that propelled her from obscurity to international sex-symbol. Man-juice aside, though, is she happy with her new status? 'I don't know if I'm a sex symbol. I'm not Carmen Electra - I don't really have the boobs for it. I do love to be sexy though, but then who doesn't?' Indeed. But that can't have made the more intimate moments on Scary Movie any less embarrassing to film. 'The love scene was tricky,' she admits. 'In the script it just said things like, 'Bobby unhooks belt and a huge bush comes flying out.' I just started giggling during one take and that helped.' Luckily, Anna hasn't been put off acting entirely - Scary Movie 2 is out this month - but the tragedy is that her career prevented us Brits from getting Anna for ourselves. 'I was going to move to London to work in an ad agency, but I fell in love with an actor from LA. So I decided to try to be an actress.' So if we'd managed to produce some nice English boy for her to fall in love with she'd now be living here? 'Now there's an idea. I could move around the globe falling in love.'

Angelina Jolie Maxim Magazine UK May 2008

Angelina Jolie One half of Hollywood’s golden couple, yummy-mummy Angelina Jolie has definitely still got it Recently appearing in Beowulf as the most arousing cartoon character since Jessica Rabbit, Angelina Jolie is the proud owner of a truly phenomenal body, despite churning out a seemingly endless number of kids. Whilst having mellowed with age, this is still the woman who used to wear a vial of Billy-Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck- she has a dark side, and we like it.

Angela Saunders - Footie Girl With Va Va Voom Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2003

Angela Saunders Footie Girl With Va Va Voom She's Tash Parker in Sky's Dream Team and she used to be an Arsenal fan but saw the light: meet Angela Saunders 'In my time as a Grand Prix girl I've held Ralf Schumacher's, Jacques Villeneuve's and Rubens Barrichello's. I'd say Barrichello's was probably the longest.' In my time as a Grand Prix girl I've held Ralf Schumacher's, Jacques Villeneuve's and Rubens Barrichello's. I'd say Barrichello's was probably the longest Angela Saunders is clearly not the sort of girl to take a back seat where sportsmen are concerned. Although, disappointingly, she is talking about her three-year stint as a grid girl, where she was charged with holding up the names of Formula 1 drivers in the sauciest manner possible. Now playing footballer's wife Tash Parker in Sky's Dream Team, the 25-year-old from Bromley is still turning heads. Dating Spurs footballer Stephen Clemence, the slinky blonde would appear to be perfectly cast. 'I wasn't going out with Stephen when I got the part, so at least that never influenced their decision,' she laughs. 'The strange thing was I also had a few recalls to play Chardonnay in Footballer's Wives but as I was still under contract to Dream Team, I had to opt out. At the time her character was a blonde called Cheryl - I think they changed it because it was too close to Sheryl Gascoigne.' Given that her life appears to be immersed in football, does she have a fondness for wearing a football strip in bed? 'I have got an England football shirt but I only wore it during England's World Cup matches,' says the former hospital worker. 'It's not that I mind dressing up in the bedroom but I think guys should be willing to do the same for us. If I had my way I'd have him in a soldier's outfit because I'm a big one for uniforms.' Formerly a big one for Arsenal, she switched allegiance after meeting Stephen. 'I couldn't have been a huge Gooner because I got easily swayed out of it. But I hate admitting that I'm living with a footballer because it's such a cliche. And when people realise he's Ray Clemence's son they always ask if, like his father, he's good with his hands.' A cheap shot and no mistake. So has he ever been known to fumble? 'He knows what he's doing,' she laughs, 'so I guess some of it's rubbed off.'

Amanda Swisten - Killer Body, Killer Penfriend! Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2004

Amanda Swisten Killer Body, Killer Penfriend! Meet Amanda Swisten, just your everyday 5 foot 9 inch supermodel cum actress with a morbid fascination with serial killers. Brrrrr! Amanda Swisten is another incredibly gorgeous model-turned-actress from across the pond and we here at Maxim Online would like to extend the hand of friendship and other stuff towards her. Miss Swisten's not your everyday neighbour, having a morbid fascination for serial killers and a penpal who just happens to be a one too! She does have a killer body though and loves to dress herself in black lingerie to bring out the devil in the bedroom. Just be careful if you ask her round for a bite to eat as you never know what she might swallow!

Amanda Swisten - Tall, Blonde and Gorgeous Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2004

Amanda Swisten Tall, Blonde and Gorgeous Amanda Swisten. Yet another tall, leggy, drop dead gorgeous blonde from across the Atlantic. Yawn. Not! It's not difficult to see why a talent scout picked up on Amanda Swisten's modelling potential when she was just 16. The 5ft 9" blonde model and actress has been seen in American Wedding and Rock Star and now graces the pages of Maxim, penning our new True Crime section for your delecation and dribbling delight!

Amanda Bynes - All-American cutie Maxim Magazine UK May 2010

Amanda Bynes All-American cutie Another cute American slips off that pervy Yankee conveyor belt, this time exclusively in just her bra and knickers. HOT HOT SHOOT ALERT! In our book, describing a girl as "cute" is ultra pervy. However, despite our reservations, when the whole team racked our brains for things that were cuter than young Bynesy, we simply could not do it, hence the ultra-pervy headline. Here's some things that got discarded in our search... - Golden labrador puppy yawning. - Golden labrador puppy running away from a field mouse. - Golden labrador puppy riding a Yorkshire terrier with a sword in his hand chasing a field mouse. - Golden labrador puppy asleep with a gangster neckscarf on. - Golden labrador, golden labrador puppy, Yorkshire Terrier and a field mouse asleep in exactly the same foetal position by an open fire. - A hedgehog wearing Stan Smiths. - A sleeping hedgehog wearing Stan Smiths listening to Happy Mondays and tapping his little foot. It wasn't easy, as you can see.

Alison Carroll Maxim Magazine UK Oct 2008

Alison Carroll Lara’s back, and more flexible than ever! Meet the new Miss Croft, former gymnast Alison Carroll With Angelina Jolie busily collecting African children, Lara Croft has a new face (and body). Former receptionist Alison Carroll has donned the legendary hotpants to promote the new Tomb Raider game and looks to be doing a smashing job of it. A professional gymnast, Alison has even started incorporating Lara moves into her exercise routine: ‘I do high-kicks, backflips, rolls, everything that she does. You should see it!’

Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight - A sexy glove affair! Maxim Magazine UK Dec 2008

Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight A sexy glove affair! The gloves are off in our sweaty celebration of pugilism and ladies. But mainly ladies... Meet the amazing Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight. WE'd take a low blow from them anytime! Calzaghe, Hatton, De Gale,'s a triumphant time for British boxers, so what better time to get gorgeous models Alice Goodwin and Bianca Knight to deliver a curvy tribute to our triumphant kings. The feisty scrappers went toe-to-toe in our special Maxim ring, literally tearing off what tiny boxing garb they have. A proper sexy sporting spectacular! The feisty scrappers went toe-to-toe in our special Maxim ring, literally tearing off what tiny boxing garb they have

Alice Eve - She's in Wonderland Maxim Magazine UK Jun 2010

Alice Eve She's in Wonderland Alice Eve is an English Rose with a gorgeous bottom who hands-down stole the show off those Yankee lizards in Sex and the City 2. Oh yes! There's something rather wonderful and just alittle bit mesmerising about Alice Eve. Not only has she all the traits of an old-fashioned English Rose, she is smart, modern and successful - and looks rather scrummy in just her pants! Who could ask for more than that? We've recently conducted an exclusive shoot with Ms Eve, which we are now disclosing in this gallery.

Ali Landry Maxim Magazine UK Feb 2003

Ali Landry Did you get the role in the original Doritos 'launderette' ad because your surname is one vowel short of laundry? Let me tell you, it was harder work than that. There were 50 other girls up for the part and we had to dance and pretend to catch crisps in our mouths. I've studied ballet and gymnastics so I decided to perform a couple of backflips, a few somersaults and finished by doing the splits. That's why I got the part. Summer's on its way. Will you and your boyfriend be demonstrating your flexibility al fresco? Sex outdoors is great. I'm not an exhibitionist but I love the possibility that people might be able to see. I really enjoy being daring, it just makes the whole thing so much more exciting. What's your favourite part of a man? I always notice a guy's mouth first. I love big full lips and a great smile. He's got to be taller than me too. My mum put me off going out with shorter guys. I'd bring them home and she'd whisper, 'You can't go out with him - if you put high heels on you're going to tower over him and make him look ridiculous.' And I always did everything my mum said, so I'm afraid shorter guys are out. Is it true that your boyfriend accompanies you to shoots to make sure things don't get out of hand? Sometimes he's around although it's not to protect me. But if I have to kiss a guy he does make me promise no tongues. In the third ad for Doritos I had to kiss this guy. I had a stand-in for some of the rehearsal shots and she actually got to kiss him first. I said, 'Hang on, I'm not kissing this guy if he's just kissed her - are you crazy? That's my job!' Did you see a lot of nudity when you won the Miss USA title in 1996? I didn't but my friend did. Some girls were really competitive. One was an absolute psycho. My friend was sharing a room with this girl who would exercise naked in front of her in an attempt to psyche her out. She had a great body so she'd walk around stark naked all the time. My friend would walk into their room and find her doing sit-ups on the floor - totally nude. Do you get lots of attention from women? I've had it happen and it's a shock if you're not expecting it. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the sensuality and beauty of a woman - and I find feminine women very attractive. A few of my friends are lesbians and I've had offers from some of their friends. They just come right out with it like, 'Come home honey and I'll open your eyes.' It's very flattering but it's not my thing. I'm sorry but I like men too much.

Ali Landry Maxim Magazine UK Feb 2003

Ali Landry You've gone from the wholesome girl in the Doritos ads to a belching, beer-drinking foulmouth. What's going on? It's true, that's the role I'm playing in Repli-Kate - a movie about a bunch of guys who turn me into a crude, belching, football-loving woman. I knew you Brits would love me for that! In the film they get me to say the most disgusting stuff. Honestly, my mouth has never formed such words before. Have you found yourself taking your work home? It's difficult because on set I'm spouting filth the whole time, but somehow I always manage to leave it behind when I come home. Have you learned to belch on cue now? Oh, I could never do that. Thankfully, all I have to do is make the motion with my mouth and they put the sound in afterwards. Come on, you must have some vices. I love vodka and Red Bull. I discovered a taste for it in London, then got all my friends on it back in the States and now I've got the whole set hooked on it. Did you down a few before you undressed in the film? Well, I've got to confess that we used a body double because I don't want to do nudity yet. This is a comedy film and I didn't think it warranted me taking my clothes off. I picture nudity in a beautiful, innocent sort of way so a love scene would be fine, but I couldn't justify showing the world everything I've got in this movie. Off set, what sort of underwear do you like to strut your stuff in? I really like long lacy gowns if they're a little see through. Camisoles and teddies are sexy, too, but then I can go the other way - thigh high stockings, high heels - the whole nine yards. If I'm in the mood, they can be really sexy. It's all to do with your attitude.

Alexandra Adi - Slap Me, She's Gorgeous Maxim Magazine UK Jan 2003

Alexandra Adi Slap Me, She's Gorgeous Meet Alexandra Adi, former cheerleader and gymnast and star of 'Slap He, She's French', as she reveals her ample charms

Alex Evans - Sneak Peek - A Brit of Alright Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2008

Alex Evans - Sneak Peek A Brit of Alright Your other half voted for her, now meet Britain's Next Top Model winner Alex Evans in her first ever men's mag shoot! Reality telly is not renowned for producing top totty talent. Just think Michelle McManus and you'll know where we're going... At least with a program like Britain's Next Top Model, you're virtually assured of utter greatness. So strut forward TV's very own Alexander the Great - Alex Evans - officially, um, Britain's next top model! The leggy beauty fought off strong competition from all over the land to be officially crowned champ. In the brand new issue of Maxim, on sale now, we have Alex's FIRST ever men's mag shoot, plus full interview. So peg it down to the shops now and see the body you're going to see a lot more of in the future!

Alex Evans - Alexander the Great Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2008

Alex Evans Alexander the Great It may be a time of economic doom and gloom, but there is still one thing we’re best at – producing sexy women. So meet Alex Evans, officially Britain’s Next Top Model Reality TV has given us some of the worst examples of womankind ever to surface into the public eye: Jade Goody, Michelle McManus, that horse-faced bint from The Apprentice… frankly, it’s about time someone came along to redress the balance. And here she is: Alex Evans, winner of Britain’s Next Top Model and one of the finest examples of the female species since God first looked at a blueprint and said, ‘Shall we put these two things next to each other at about chest-height?’ So, how was your first men’s mag shoot, Alex? Do you feel like you’ve ‘arrived’? It was really fun. I loved it. It was a really long shoot and you’ve only done a handful of them before… has it put you off modelling? It was 24 hours! But no, not at all, it was great. What’s the worst thing that happened to you on the shoot? We were trying to get this one shot and suddenly this old tramp decided it would be very entertaining if he came over and started to, er, ‘jolly himself’ in front of us. That must have been nice. I just found it quite funny. I don’t think he was too aware of what was going on. The photographer ran over and shouted, ‘How dare you do that? She’s my sister!’ It was really funny. But presumably you’d rather that didn’t happen on future shoots? Yeah, ha, ha! I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it. You were also photographed outside and inside a sex shop in one of the seediest parts of Soho – and you got a lot of attention from the punters. Were you self-conscious stood there in a bra? I was mainly self-conscious about the strange men in the sex shop at the time. They were in there at 11.30 in the morning! That’s the sort of time you go to buy bread and milk, really, isn’t it? Yeah! Or have your morning cup of tea and watch the news. Not go and buy a DVD for a little ‘wake-up call.’ What was your favourite part of the shoot? I loved doing the cover shot. Even though it was 10 at night and everyone was exhausted, it was so, so good. That was the only bit that was actually done in a studio – the rest was all on location. We shot everywhere. There was one in a pub. I was sitting there looking at this massive pint of beer at 9.30 at night thinking, ‘I just want to drink this beer…’ It looked so good, but you can’t really down a pint on the job. What’s your ideal British location? I’d love to do a shoot at Petworth Park in Surrey. It’s so beautiful and there’s this massive old Georgian house with a lake and there are deer everywhere. So… not a sex shop? No, ha, ha! What’s the best thing so far about winning the competition and becoming a proper paid-up model? I got really fast-track training, which was really useful. I came out of it with great contacts and a great agency behind me. There are loads of good things about it. And obviously the Maxim shoot! What exactly was your prize for winning the programme? A year’s contract with Models 1, a Max Factor shoot and a six-page spread and front cover of Company. What were you doing before the show? I was at college studying for my A levels – English Literature, Theatre Studies and Psychology. I left halfway through my second year. They were really nice and let me come back to take my exams after the competition. Obviously, you’ve only just started working as a model, but what are your long-term plans for when you’re finished with it? I’d like to take modelling as far as my agency thinks I can go with it, and then I’d like to either go into journalism or TV presenting. Being a presenter on T4 looks really fun. You’d get to go to the T4 Beach Party. Did you always want to be a model? Yeah! Always. When you’re a little girl you get these magazines like Mizz and Sugar, and you think, ‘I want to be like that!’ As I got older I saw stuff like Vogue and just loved it. It’s so hard to get into – it’s one of those things where people think, ‘Well, that can’t happen to me.’ But I tried, and it didn’t work out for a while, but then I saw the advert for the show, had one last stab and it paid off. Where’s the best place you’ve been to for a photo shoot so far? I would say in a sex shop for Maxim, but that would be a lie… We went to Stirling Castle in Scotland, which was incredible. It didn’t sound as though it would be that nice, but we were so lucky with the weather, in this massive castle with this amazing view. Have you ever stacked it on the catwalk? No, not yet. Fingers crossed I don’t. If you give anyone a pair of seven-inch Terry de Havilland heels, they could wipe out. Seven-inch heels? How tall are you? I’m short. I’m five-foot seven. So for me, they’re a help. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to wear modelling? I’ve been quite lucky. I’ve been given really nice clothes. My favourite one was this eco-friendly shoot we did where we were wearing clothes that had been made out of old carrier bags. They’d been sewn into real dresses and outfits – I really wanted to buy one but they were all auctioned off. Would you really have gone out wearing carrier bags? Yeah! They were great. They looked like real clothes. Only waterproof. Yeah! And with ‘Harrods’ written in places. Do you think that’s the future of clothing? Maybe. If people want to reduce their carbon footprint, they should wear plastic bags. If you took over the world, what’s the first thing you’d do? I’d make a 99p coin. That’s a great idea. Yeah, it’d be really useful! Everything else is pretty good, personally, so I wouldn’t change anything else. I know I should say, ‘End world hunger,’ but I’m not Miss World, so I’m not going to start spouting all that stuff. Can you juggle? I did learn to juggle at school because I had a crazy science teacher who had this theory that juggling was somehow good for your brain. Was he right? I’m not very good at juggling anymore, so probably not. Put these in order of importance: clothes, money, sex, cheese. Cheese first – ha, ha, ha! Especially if it’s a chunk of cheddar with sour cream on top. That doesn’t sound like model food. Shhh! Don’t tell them! But I think cheese, then sex, then money and finally clothes. You lived in Thailand for a while – what’s the weirdest thing you ate there? There were some really strange things – fried locusts, fish eyes – I tried most of it, but there were some things I wasn’t willing to eat. I think the locusts were the probably the worst things I ate, they were crunchy and oily. They were like oily, crunchy flavourless crisps. And I’ve also had a lollypop that had a tequila worm in it. Thailand’s infamous for ‘girls with big hands’. Did you meet any? Ah, the ladyboys. Yeah, my parents and I went to a ladyboy show and I thought they were the most beautiful people I’d ever seen in my life. I didn’t realise they weren’t women. And there is our headline – Alex Evans: ‘I love ladyboys’. No! You can’t do that – ha, ha, ha! You used to play the saxophone. Can you do the riff from ‘Baker Street’? No. I didn’t have enough puff for the saxophone. I was too little. I’m much better at playing the piano. Now that you’re a model, has that changed the type of man you go for? No. I’m still with the same boyfriend I was with before I went on the show. Is he suddenly a lot more smug? No. He should be, but he’s exactly the same; I don’t think he’s even noticed. So, do you think he’ll notice now that you’re on the cover of Maxim? I hope he’ll notice. I’d be quite upset if he didn’t notice that. Who do you think is currently the most stylish male celebrity around? That’s such a hard one. I really love indie boys. Like Carl Barât? Yeah, I love the whole skinny jeans thing. Carl would definitely be on the list for being well dressed. I think that Johnny Depp has a really good sense of style. But all the indie bands, they dress really well. Would you consider going nude for a job if asked by a photographer? It depends what for. I wouldn’t go topless – my boobs aren’t big enough, anyway. No one would be interested. I don’t think that’s true. Ha, ha! I don’t know. If it was for an art exhibition, then maybe. It’s all about the context, I want to get into the editorial style of modelling; Getting my boobs out isn’t high on my list of priorities. Not even inside a sex shop? Especially not inside a sex shop. I’d just get molested. And that’s our headline. I’m going to have to stop giving you these soundbites! Ha, ha, ha!

Alena Seredova Maxim UK Magazine Sep 2008

Alena Seredova 1998's Miss Czech Republic Alena Seredova is the modelling partner of Italy's Gianluigi Buffon Paparazzi: 3 Mrs Buffon DOES get snapped by the press from time to time, but not as much as some of our other WAGs. The fact is that she CHOOSES to expose her gorgeous body to the camera thus rendering the Paparazzi’s job meaningless. Good attitude we say. Career: 4 The partner of Italy’s shot-stopper, Seredova began by winning Miss Czech Republic in 1998. This provided a platform to launch her modeling career, appearing in magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse in Europe. Like Totti’s WAG, she has also hosted several TV shows and graced the big-screen in a number of films. League Position: 5 Widely regarded for years as the best keeper in the world, the Juventus giant was also one of the key figures in winning Italy the World Cup in 2006. A true goalkeeping legend. Sexiness? You decide. Vote now!

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Maxim UK Magazine May 2008

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Jermaine Defoe has an eye for Big Brother talent. He follows up Danielle Lloyd with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace... The leggy ex-Big Brother runner-up (well, third place, then) has forged a rather successful modelling and broadcasting career since her time in that house. As well as regular telly and radio slots - plus flashing her remarkable figure wherever possible - she's even managed to bag a seat on the WAG rollercoaster, too. Her lucky fellow? Only ex-Danielle Lloyd beau and miniature Pompey forward Jermaine Defoe...

Aida - Maxim Covergirl Italy Maxim Magazine UK May 2003

Aida - Maxim Covergirl Italy How did you become a model? I was spotted by a talent scout when I was 14 on the school bus in Caracas, Venezuela and ended up signing for one of the biggest agencies in Italy. What would you have done if you hadn't become a model? I would have gone to University and done an art or design course, something that would allow me to express my passion. Where would you like to be at this moment in time? On the set of a photoshoot at Roques, a fantastic place in Venezuela which has the most beautiful beaches and the most spectacular views. What do you most like to do? I love to dance, I love to salsa. I dance all day, all hours, on all occasions, even when I'm cleaning the house. Q:Do you like Italian men? Although I'm single at the moment, I do like Italian men, they are very special... but then I like everything about Italy.

Adriana Lima - Lima Uniform Sierra Hotel Maxim UK MagazineFeb 2010

Adriana Lima Lima Uniform Sierra Hotel That headline means LUSH, stupid. Her name's Lima, yeah? It's part of the phonetic alphabet, yeah. And the other words spell out LUSH. We are wasted on you, sir... Hot Brazilian model Adriana Lima has been a Victoria’s Secrets Angel since 2000 and looking at her sumptuos face and delicate/nubile/firm (we can't decide which) hardbody, you can really understand why. At fifteen Lima won ‘Supermodel of Brazil’ competition and won second place the following year in the ‘Supermodel of the World’ competition. She then signed with Elite Model Management and has blossomed into one of the most beautiful women on Mother's Curvy Little Earth ever since.

Adriana Karembeu Maxim UK Magazine Feb 2003

Adriana Karembeu You're currently living in Greece where your husband Christian Karembeu plays his football. How does Athens compare with Middlesbrough? It's a lot warmer, but I won't have anything bad said about Middlesbrough. It actually reminded me of my home country Slovakia. Would you consider making a cameo appearance in the TV show Footballers' Wives? I'd never say never, but I'm still not convinced I'd make a good actress. It's not something I've been taught so I wouldn't want to jump in and make a fool of myself. Physically, what turns you on in a man? I love it all - the butt, the neck, hands, wrists, nose - there's not much I don't like. But above all I demand a really firm butt with no fat on it. Something you can grab hold of. Will you ever pose nude again? Yeah, I'd do it again. The nude shots I did before were black and white and I have to say they were the most beautiful pictures I've ever had taken of me. I love the way that you can feel the sexuality coming out of the photographs. We're right behind you on that. What puts you in the mood for sex? A bedroom with a huge bed like the one we have at home. Hold-up stockings and high heels will also change my posture and instantly put me in a sexy mood. Do you ever get it on outside of the bedroom? I'd love to tell you but my husband would kill me. I'll say this, I think it's very healthy when you're in a relationship to try different locations. Ooh, there's so much I'd love to tell you, but I'm a married lady and my husband's very private about those things.

Adele Silva - Hi-Ho Silva, Away! Maxim UK Magazine Jan 2003

Adele Silva Hi-Ho Silva, Away! Feisty Londoner Adele Silva spices up Emmerdale as well as Maxim!
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