World Cup WAGs Susana Werner Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

World Cup WAGs Susana Werner Shew used to go out with Ronaldo but now she shares Julio Cesar's bed. She's super-hot Susana Werner.. By Ginger Tom June 2010 Something about these WAGS, they all seem to be models or actresses... why can't one be a secret agent or something? Well my friends, that's where Susana Werner comes in! She's basically a superspy, working for the CIA, the MI6 and a bunch of other agencies with crazy three letter abbreviations, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Largely responsible for taking down 99% of all terrorist threats in the last four years, Werner has a nice cover story of being married to Julio Cesar and the mother of their two children. No one would ever suspect that she leads this amazing double life... more amazing than Bananaman's! Not even Jack Bauer... or that guy from Lie To Me. Oh wait... what? She is a model and actress? Well... bugger. Best just have some pictures and a video then.


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