Neve Campbell The Definition of Hot Maxim Magazine UK June 2010

Neve Campbell The Definition of Hot Sometimes, even with all the camaraderie that is present amongst us, the Maxim Chaps can disagree on occasion.

 By Beard June 2010 One thing that we'll never disagree on, NEVE CAMPBELL IS THE DEFINITION OF HOT. If you were to look up in your dictionary, you know, the one your nan gave you for Christmas when you were six, the definition of the word HOT, a picture of Neve Campbell will be there. If there isn't, then your dictionary is wrong and you need to throw it away. She does exceptionally naughty things with Denise Richards in Wild Things (worth owning the movie for, you know it's true), and in recent years appeared TOPLESS in a low budget, small release independent film. WE WILL FIND IT. It's out new Holy Grail. Have a gallery, then we'll start on the new New Testament.


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