Abbey Clancy Massive Photo Gallery Maxim UK Magazine March 2010

Abbey Clancy Massive Photo Gallery Lots of pictures of Abbey Clancy that you not have seen all in one place just one measly click away. Oh yes! Abby Clancy owns her own cardboard box factory in South Shields, has a rare (quite itchy) skin disease and is often seen being booed by heterosexual men on the street such is her complete lack of aesthetic appeal. HAHAHAHA! THAT'S ALL A LIE! You know who Abbey Clancy is. She's the gorgeous English lingerie/catwalk/magazine model that we LOVE LOVE LOVE who is happily seeing the gangliest striker in the Premier League and poses in her pants for money. At the risk of sounding hackneyed and clich├ęd: "Clancy, you're an agreeably faced human being!" HAHAHAHA! [I think that last line was meant to read: "You score with us Miss Clancy!" Apologies readers - Ed]


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