Abbie Eastwood - From Playboy to Pepsi Maxim UK Magazine Jan 2003

Abbie Eastwood From Playboy to Pepsi The luscious presenter of The Pepsi Chart reveals all about her lucky Playboy pants... Never mind talent, good looks and charm, Abbie Eastwood reckons it was her pants that helped her land the plum job of presenter on Channel 5's The Pepsi Chart. 'I had this really lucky pair of pants that I wore to every interview and I always seemed to get the job,' explains the 26-year-old. 'They had a little Playboy bunny on them and they never let me down.' Lucky pants or not, the former model has come a long way since working in McDonald's on Southend high street. 'I was there for a year and didn't get one star,' she laughs. 'My speciality was cleaning toilets. Oh, and asking, "Is that large?"' Oddly, no pop star has yet to proffer their phone number to the fresh-faced minx. 'To be honest, I haven't fancied any pop star since Andrew Ridgeley from Wham!,' she confides. 'Besides, every boyfriend I've ever had, I've been the one to initiate it. If there's something I want, I make sure I get it.' The Pepsi Chart: every Thursday at 7pm on Channel 5


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