Adriana Karembeu Maxim UK Magazine Feb 2003

Adriana Karembeu You're currently living in Greece where your husband Christian Karembeu plays his football. How does Athens compare with Middlesbrough? It's a lot warmer, but I won't have anything bad said about Middlesbrough. It actually reminded me of my home country Slovakia. Would you consider making a cameo appearance in the TV show Footballers' Wives? I'd never say never, but I'm still not convinced I'd make a good actress. It's not something I've been taught so I wouldn't want to jump in and make a fool of myself. Physically, what turns you on in a man? I love it all - the butt, the neck, hands, wrists, nose - there's not much I don't like. But above all I demand a really firm butt with no fat on it. Something you can grab hold of. Will you ever pose nude again? Yeah, I'd do it again. The nude shots I did before were black and white and I have to say they were the most beautiful pictures I've ever had taken of me. I love the way that you can feel the sexuality coming out of the photographs. We're right behind you on that. What puts you in the mood for sex? A bedroom with a huge bed like the one we have at home. Hold-up stockings and high heels will also change my posture and instantly put me in a sexy mood. Do you ever get it on outside of the bedroom? I'd love to tell you but my husband would kill me. I'll say this, I think it's very healthy when you're in a relationship to try different locations. Ooh, there's so much I'd love to tell you, but I'm a married lady and my husband's very private about those things.


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