Aida - Maxim Covergirl Italy Maxim Magazine UK May 2003

Aida - Maxim Covergirl Italy How did you become a model? I was spotted by a talent scout when I was 14 on the school bus in Caracas, Venezuela and ended up signing for one of the biggest agencies in Italy. What would you have done if you hadn't become a model? I would have gone to University and done an art or design course, something that would allow me to express my passion. Where would you like to be at this moment in time? On the set of a photoshoot at Roques, a fantastic place in Venezuela which has the most beautiful beaches and the most spectacular views. What do you most like to do? I love to dance, I love to salsa. I dance all day, all hours, on all occasions, even when I'm cleaning the house. Q:Do you like Italian men? Although I'm single at the moment, I do like Italian men, they are very special... but then I like everything about Italy.


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