Alex Evans - Alexander the Great Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2008

Alex Evans Alexander the Great It may be a time of economic doom and gloom, but there is still one thing we’re best at – producing sexy women. So meet Alex Evans, officially Britain’s Next Top Model Reality TV has given us some of the worst examples of womankind ever to surface into the public eye: Jade Goody, Michelle McManus, that horse-faced bint from The Apprentice… frankly, it’s about time someone came along to redress the balance. And here she is: Alex Evans, winner of Britain’s Next Top Model and one of the finest examples of the female species since God first looked at a blueprint and said, ‘Shall we put these two things next to each other at about chest-height?’ So, how was your first men’s mag shoot, Alex? Do you feel like you’ve ‘arrived’? It was really fun. I loved it. It was a really long shoot and you’ve only done a handful of them before… has it put you off modelling? It was 24 hours! But no, not at all, it was great. What’s the worst thing that happened to you on the shoot? We were trying to get this one shot and suddenly this old tramp decided it would be very entertaining if he came over and started to, er, ‘jolly himself’ in front of us. That must have been nice. I just found it quite funny. I don’t think he was too aware of what was going on. The photographer ran over and shouted, ‘How dare you do that? She’s my sister!’ It was really funny. But presumably you’d rather that didn’t happen on future shoots? Yeah, ha, ha! I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it. You were also photographed outside and inside a sex shop in one of the seediest parts of Soho – and you got a lot of attention from the punters. Were you self-conscious stood there in a bra? I was mainly self-conscious about the strange men in the sex shop at the time. They were in there at 11.30 in the morning! That’s the sort of time you go to buy bread and milk, really, isn’t it? Yeah! Or have your morning cup of tea and watch the news. Not go and buy a DVD for a little ‘wake-up call.’ What was your favourite part of the shoot? I loved doing the cover shot. Even though it was 10 at night and everyone was exhausted, it was so, so good. That was the only bit that was actually done in a studio – the rest was all on location. We shot everywhere. There was one in a pub. I was sitting there looking at this massive pint of beer at 9.30 at night thinking, ‘I just want to drink this beer…’ It looked so good, but you can’t really down a pint on the job. What’s your ideal British location? I’d love to do a shoot at Petworth Park in Surrey. It’s so beautiful and there’s this massive old Georgian house with a lake and there are deer everywhere. So… not a sex shop? No, ha, ha! What’s the best thing so far about winning the competition and becoming a proper paid-up model? I got really fast-track training, which was really useful. I came out of it with great contacts and a great agency behind me. There are loads of good things about it. And obviously the Maxim shoot! What exactly was your prize for winning the programme? A year’s contract with Models 1, a Max Factor shoot and a six-page spread and front cover of Company. What were you doing before the show? I was at college studying for my A levels – English Literature, Theatre Studies and Psychology. I left halfway through my second year. They were really nice and let me come back to take my exams after the competition. Obviously, you’ve only just started working as a model, but what are your long-term plans for when you’re finished with it? I’d like to take modelling as far as my agency thinks I can go with it, and then I’d like to either go into journalism or TV presenting. Being a presenter on T4 looks really fun. You’d get to go to the T4 Beach Party. Did you always want to be a model? Yeah! Always. When you’re a little girl you get these magazines like Mizz and Sugar, and you think, ‘I want to be like that!’ As I got older I saw stuff like Vogue and just loved it. It’s so hard to get into – it’s one of those things where people think, ‘Well, that can’t happen to me.’ But I tried, and it didn’t work out for a while, but then I saw the advert for the show, had one last stab and it paid off. Where’s the best place you’ve been to for a photo shoot so far? I would say in a sex shop for Maxim, but that would be a lie… We went to Stirling Castle in Scotland, which was incredible. It didn’t sound as though it would be that nice, but we were so lucky with the weather, in this massive castle with this amazing view. Have you ever stacked it on the catwalk? No, not yet. Fingers crossed I don’t. If you give anyone a pair of seven-inch Terry de Havilland heels, they could wipe out. Seven-inch heels? How tall are you? I’m short. I’m five-foot seven. So for me, they’re a help. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to wear modelling? I’ve been quite lucky. I’ve been given really nice clothes. My favourite one was this eco-friendly shoot we did where we were wearing clothes that had been made out of old carrier bags. They’d been sewn into real dresses and outfits – I really wanted to buy one but they were all auctioned off. Would you really have gone out wearing carrier bags? Yeah! They were great. They looked like real clothes. Only waterproof. Yeah! And with ‘Harrods’ written in places. Do you think that’s the future of clothing? Maybe. If people want to reduce their carbon footprint, they should wear plastic bags. If you took over the world, what’s the first thing you’d do? I’d make a 99p coin. That’s a great idea. Yeah, it’d be really useful! Everything else is pretty good, personally, so I wouldn’t change anything else. I know I should say, ‘End world hunger,’ but I’m not Miss World, so I’m not going to start spouting all that stuff. Can you juggle? I did learn to juggle at school because I had a crazy science teacher who had this theory that juggling was somehow good for your brain. Was he right? I’m not very good at juggling anymore, so probably not. Put these in order of importance: clothes, money, sex, cheese. Cheese first – ha, ha, ha! Especially if it’s a chunk of cheddar with sour cream on top. That doesn’t sound like model food. Shhh! Don’t tell them! But I think cheese, then sex, then money and finally clothes. You lived in Thailand for a while – what’s the weirdest thing you ate there? There were some really strange things – fried locusts, fish eyes – I tried most of it, but there were some things I wasn’t willing to eat. I think the locusts were the probably the worst things I ate, they were crunchy and oily. They were like oily, crunchy flavourless crisps. And I’ve also had a lollypop that had a tequila worm in it. Thailand’s infamous for ‘girls with big hands’. Did you meet any? Ah, the ladyboys. Yeah, my parents and I went to a ladyboy show and I thought they were the most beautiful people I’d ever seen in my life. I didn’t realise they weren’t women. And there is our headline – Alex Evans: ‘I love ladyboys’. No! You can’t do that – ha, ha, ha! You used to play the saxophone. Can you do the riff from ‘Baker Street’? No. I didn’t have enough puff for the saxophone. I was too little. I’m much better at playing the piano. Now that you’re a model, has that changed the type of man you go for? No. I’m still with the same boyfriend I was with before I went on the show. Is he suddenly a lot more smug? No. He should be, but he’s exactly the same; I don’t think he’s even noticed. So, do you think he’ll notice now that you’re on the cover of Maxim? I hope he’ll notice. I’d be quite upset if he didn’t notice that. Who do you think is currently the most stylish male celebrity around? That’s such a hard one. I really love indie boys. Like Carl Barât? Yeah, I love the whole skinny jeans thing. Carl would definitely be on the list for being well dressed. I think that Johnny Depp has a really good sense of style. But all the indie bands, they dress really well. Would you consider going nude for a job if asked by a photographer? It depends what for. I wouldn’t go topless – my boobs aren’t big enough, anyway. No one would be interested. I don’t think that’s true. Ha, ha! I don’t know. If it was for an art exhibition, then maybe. It’s all about the context, I want to get into the editorial style of modelling; Getting my boobs out isn’t high on my list of priorities. Not even inside a sex shop? Especially not inside a sex shop. I’d just get molested. And that’s our headline. I’m going to have to stop giving you these soundbites! Ha, ha, ha!


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