Amanda Bynes - All-American cutie Maxim Magazine UK May 2010

Amanda Bynes All-American cutie Another cute American slips off that pervy Yankee conveyor belt, this time exclusively in just her bra and knickers. HOT HOT SHOOT ALERT! In our book, describing a girl as "cute" is ultra pervy. However, despite our reservations, when the whole team racked our brains for things that were cuter than young Bynesy, we simply could not do it, hence the ultra-pervy headline. Here's some things that got discarded in our search... - Golden labrador puppy yawning. - Golden labrador puppy running away from a field mouse. - Golden labrador puppy riding a Yorkshire terrier with a sword in his hand chasing a field mouse. - Golden labrador puppy asleep with a gangster neckscarf on. - Golden labrador, golden labrador puppy, Yorkshire Terrier and a field mouse asleep in exactly the same foetal position by an open fire. - A hedgehog wearing Stan Smiths. - A sleeping hedgehog wearing Stan Smiths listening to Happy Mondays and tapping his little foot. It wasn't easy, as you can see.


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