Ashley Mulheron - Nice Dunes Ashley! Maxim Magazine UK Aug 2005

Ashley Mulheron Nice Dunes Ashley! It's Ashley Mulheron from T4's California Dreaming. On the beach. In a bikini. With a 99. As you do Ashley models for Scarborough's statue of liberty Americans take it too seriously. My acting coach told me that if I didn’t make it, I’d die. I’m still living… California Dreams is the worst TV show we’ve ever seen. It was made in the mid-90s and followed a bunch of young people trying to make it in the world of pop music. The theme tune went, ‘Surf dudes, with attitude, kind of groo-oovy/Laid back moves, sky above/Good vibrations, feeling mellow…’ Utter toilet. Fortunately, Ashley Mulheron is in a completely different show, called California Dreaming, where a bunch of young people go to Los Angeles to try and make it in the world of acting and presenting. Vernon Kay is involved, but at least the theme tune doesn’t use the word ‘dudes’. Brilliant! How was shooting California Dreaming? It was great. I thought, ‘What a great gig! Five young people going out to LA and living in a big house, having fun!’ It was so me. I wish I could tell you that I hadn’t liked it, but I really did. Did any Hollywood big shots try to hump you on their casting couches? No! I think because we had a camera following us, it put them off a bit. Who was the most self-obsessed person you met? Wait, let us guess… was it Vernon Kay? Actually, no. He’s one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. Seriously. That’s really quite disappointing. I’d tell you if I didn’t like him, but I did – he was brilliant. Most people in TV are a little bit self-obsessed, but I can’t really say one more than anyone else. What was the best piece of advice you got while you were out there? The best thing was just learning so much, going to meetings and taking things away from it; learning all the time. What did you actually learn then? Um… I can pop popcorn really well now… but working out there as well was great. I made it on to Good Day LA, which is a breakfast television show out there. That was brilliant. What’s the most ridiculous thing you were told? Some Americans take it too seriously. My acting coach told me that if I didn’t make it, I’d die. I’m still living… so that was pretty ridiculous. He told us we’d be depressed for the rest of our lives. Quite encouraging, then? Yeah. Did you meet anyone you wanted to punch? Yeah. Mostly, it was kids doing things for Disney. We hope you got some good kicks in as well, then. They were really irritating and cheesy, and I just wanted to knock them out! Thing is, I interviewed Jodie Foster, and she gave me so much time. She was so relaxed and so cool, and I spoke to her for ages. It was the little stars I’d never even heard of who were giving me so much crap. They were like, ‘Oh my God, you’ve got, like, two seconds with me,’ and I’d be going, OK… I couldn’t care less if we got them or not. You were out there with Fat Keith from The Office… what was he like? He’s become such a good friend; he’s one if the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and certainly the funniest. We sat together on the flight going over and I was going, ‘You’ve got to stop making me laugh, I have to go to sleep! Stop being funny!’ Would you sleep with him if your life depended on it? You can’t ask me that! So if you failed as a presenter, could you see yourself going for acting jobs and eventually drifting into porn? Absolutely no chance. None. At. All. Ever. Not even if there was a really good script? Not even if there was a script written by the best scriptwriter in the world, no. OK… but say doing one porn film was a make-or-break condition of getting the best presenting job in the world? Still, absolutely not. Oh. Your sister’s an actress, isn’t she? Yeah, she was in Hollyoaks. What’s it like going on a night out with you and your sister? It’s brilliant. We’re so close. We share a flat together. We go out and have a great time. Do you still share clothes? Yeah, we’re similar sizes. Before we go out there’s clothes flying everywhere. Do you still share baths? We don’t actually, we gave that up last year. Was it hard trying to look sexy for this shoot, sitting in a sandpit? Well, I just imagined I was on a real beach. I could almost smell the sea when I closed my eyes. Q: That was our photographer. Sorry about that – he has a little problem.


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