Emily Scott - Scorching Scott! Maxim Magazine UK Sep 2007

Emily Scott Scorching Scott! Goodbye Australia, goodbye clothes. Hello Maxim! Emily Scott takes everything off in our full, amazing shoot! I think my boobs are just a talent in themselves. Nothing more, nothing less! They say making people laugh is more important than looks. Rubbish! If we’d decided to give over the next eight pages to pictures of Johnny Vegas in his underpants, your eyes wouldn’t be jumping out of your head quite as far as they probably are at the sight of the beautiful Emily Scott. Gasp in pleasure at the Aussie sensation in these exclusive pictures from her calendar, then cringe in horror as we bring up every Australian cliché going for the interview! Hi, Emily. You’re Australian. Can you briefly tell us what’s going on in Neighbours, Home And Away, Sons And Daughters, Prisoner Cell Block H, The Flying Doctors and Heartbreak High? I saw Home And Away yesterday, and some people were arguing and someone was in love – but it was unrequited! And last time I saw Neighbours, Susan and Carl were having another big argument. Have you ever been bitten on the boobs by a funnel-web spider or stung on the bottom by a box jellyfish? Er, no. But I’ve been stung by a jellyfish on my knee and on my elbow – and we used to get snakes coming into the house. If you were about to be eaten by a shark, which bit would you recommend it ate first? My butt. But I’d prefer it if it bit my left hand because I probably don’t use it much. That’s me being practical. Can you explain how Australians like to eat their Penguin chocolate biscuits, please? It’s the best thing in the world! You bite off opposite corners, then you make a hot drink and you suck the drink through the biscuit. Then you have to eat it fast, because it disintegrates. Have you ever done anything naughty with a boomerang? I’ve never even thrown a boomerang. You have to leave it to the professionals. They’re dangerous! I wouldn’t even dare. How long did it take you to tip all the sand out of your shoes when you got home from Love Island? Probably an hour. I’m used to it, though. My house is full of sand. If we suddenly started doing karaoke during this interview, what song could we do as a duet? I’m rubbish at learning words to songs, so I’ll probably just be mumbling. I’d do something stupid like ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears. Could we do Kylie and Jason? I think we should leave Kylie as something sacred. If you were on Britain’s Got Talent, what would your ‘talent’ be? Does shoe shopping count? Because I’m pretty good at that. I could wow the judges by being able to pick out the most expensive pairs of shoes in the shop at first glance. Have your boobs got any special talents we should know about? I think they’re just a talent in themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. If you did a movie, would you prefer to be a damsel in distress or a feisty heroine? I want to be Lara Croft! It’d be fun. I’d get to wear a tight, sexy outfit and have action scenes. I’d much rather be the heroine than the damsel in distress. Did you enjoy the shoot for your new calendar? Yes, but we caused all sorts of commotion. We took a road trip in Ibiza, and one of the photos had me hitch-hiking at the side of the road, topless, pouring a whole bottle of oil over myself. Cars were screeching to a halt and one guy on a scooter did a double-take, skidded off the road and crashed his bike into a big hedge. He was fine, but I thought it was highly amusing. Does the sight of you in the near-buff normally have that effect on people? All the time! We were shooting one day in this abandoned theme park and we noticed this guy slumped over in the ghost train – we thought he was dead. Turns out he’d just decided to have a bit of a lie down on the way home from a club! Would you fancy going out with a footballer? I’ve never really been into the whole footballer thing. I like men like Clive Owen and Edward Norton… oh, and Bruce Willis! How about going out with another sexy lady? I don’t think I could ever have a proper girlfriend. It might be a bit too much. But you can never tell who you’re going to fall for! Where’s the weirdest place you’ve done the deed? At a wedding reception. With the groom? No! It was someone I was seeing at the time. I wasn’t that cheeky! We could agree that if we both don’t meet anyone by the time we’re 50, we’ll marry each other so we don’t die alone. Thanks, but I think I’ll be fine. I hope it happens before I’m 50! Thanks for the chat, Emily. Next time, why don’t we come and visit you in Australia and you could show us around where you live? That would be awesome, yeah! I’d take you to the beach and we could go drinking. And we could do some nice shots at the side of the road, all covered in oil and I could hold up all the traffic all over again. Ha ha!


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