Emma Griffiths - Emma-zing Maxim Magazine UK Mar 2006

Emma Griffiths Emma-zing MTV’s Emma Griffiths looks amazing. Hence the headline, ‘Emma-zing’! Text: Jimi Famurewa / Photos: Archibald March 2006 Cripes! She’s incredibly hot! But then she is MTV’s Emma Griffiths! If we were in charge of television, not only would you be able to grab pork-based snack products straight off the screen, but Emma Griffiths would be on the box constantly! And also be grab-able! A couple of hours a week of watching Emma being all lovely just isn’t enough! She is the sexiest pop-presenting, dreamy-eyed, feline-looking girl on the telly! While we were interviewing her Fearne Cotton came in – but we didn’t pay much attention to her! We were too busy fantasising about Emma being a giant, sexy cat and us being a little mouse that she was playfully dismembering! It seemed sexier at the time. What did you think of the shoot? If I did have a pillow fight with anyone, it’d be with Fearne Cotton It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. It was very wet, though. Were you worried we’d try and drown you a little bit? Actually, the water was really nice. It was warm – which is rare on photoshoots. I saw Journey South next door, as well! That was quite a privilege. What’s your ambition? I just want to do more terrestrial TV. I’d like to host a reality show. My ideal job would be a travel show, like an alternative one. But doing awards shows or anything? I’d shit myself – I’d be petrified. What’s been the worst interview you’ve been part of? Bearing in mind this one’s only just started. The hardest one I’ve done as an interviewer was Tobey Maguire – he just takes himself really, really seriously. It was one of my first interviews, and I was really nervous. I wanted to have a laugh, and he wouldn’t play with me. I panicked, went bright red and closed the interview. My producer was like, ‘You’ve still got three minutes left!’ So I had to sort of start again. It was so embarrassing! But I interviewed him again for Spider-Man, and he was more fun. The first interview was for that fucking horse movie! Seabiscuit! Do you have any interview tips? I just make sure I research them thoroughly first – and I flirt with ‘I flirt with my guests, even if they’re girls! I don’t flirt with them on purpose – it’s just me having a laugh’ them, even if they’re girls! I don’t flirt with them on purpose – it’s just me having a laugh. Do interviewees ever get the wrong idea from your flirting? Not really. People know that you’re not going to be on camera and try and crack on to them. So you wait till the ad break? (Laughs) Yeah, then I rub their leg! No, most times people just play up to it and flirt back. Last time we interviewed an attractive music-show presenter, it was myleene Klass, and she got happy-slapped a few days later. It could be a curse. are you scared? I’m terrified, to be honest. I’ll be careful on the way home. Do you get on with other pop presenters, or is it like being in different gangs that have to fight every time they see each other? Well, I don’t know Myleene, but I know [MTV’s TRL presenter] Dave Berry and [Top Of The Pops presenter] Tim Kash – I’m good friends with most of… (Fearne Cotton walks in, mid sentence. There’s an exchange of oh my Gods and how are yous, then we are asked if we’d mind Fearne sitting in and waiting for a bit. A little man jumps up inside us and shouts ‘Yippee!’) … As if by magic! That was weird. Do all hot, young presenters live together and have pillow fights? Well, no. But if I did have a pillow fight with anyone, it’d be Fearne. Is that because she’s weak? No, she’d give as good as she got. She’s quite ballsy, is our Fearne! Are you still with that Matt Jay out of Busted? Does he know you used to think he, the eyebrows one and other one were shit? Absolutely! I told him, and obviously he disagreed, but he’s very similar to me – he likes the same range of music that I do. You’ve been rumoured to have dated quite a few celebrity men. When we Googled you, Robbie Williams’s funny little head kept coming up. Does this annoy you? The Robbie rumour really upset me – because it’s not nice for me, and it’s not nice for Matt, and it’s not nice for Robbie. We know it’s not true, and that’s all that matters. I just try to ignore it. Where’s your hometown? Birmingham. When I go back up they think I’m posh. They call me ‘Cockney wanker’, actually. And down here, I’m just like some common Brummie. I can’t win! What makes your accent go really Brummie? I think it’s when I’m emotional – when I’m angry, or drunk, or excited, I get more Brummie. How about when you’re sexing? No. I stay quiet then. Have you drunkenly kissed all of your male co-hosts? I’ve always had male co-hosts, and we’re normally good mates. I ended up drunkenly kissing Alex [Zane], and we wound up going out for a bit. That’s the only time. Do you feel bad about making us instantly hate all these men you’re close to, because they’re not us? Is that true!? It works both ways, though – think how many women are jealous of me being close to these guys that they fancy. So, hypothetically, hosting a show with you would be a realistic way for a single guy to meet you? No – you just need to be funny. I love a sense of humour. It’s such a cliché, but if you can make me laugh, then you’re on your way. You’ve travelled all over the world. What was your least favourite place, and why? It wasn’t with work, but I went to Marbella, and it was shit. It wasn’t that nice weather, and the hotel was only half-built. It was full of rich people and tossers. It was just a bit wanky. Have you been asked to do any reality TV shows? I was asked to go on The Games. If I were to go on a reality show, that’d be the one. It’d be good to be trained to do something, and I’m really sporty. Plus, imagine how toned your body would be! I hate going to the gym. Are your scary blue eyes real? They are real. My best friend once said to me, if I had shitty brown eyes, I’d be really unattractive. And that’s my best mate! I thought that was charming. What’s the most horrible thing you’ve had in your eyes? Nothing horrible – but they’re really sensitive. They get puffy, and when I haven’t had sleep, or when I cry, they swell right up. They look like scary vampire eyes! Do you think if you wore an eyepatch, you’d be only half as sexy? I don’t know about that. Maybe I’d only get half my salary You look very feline. Are you happy with being a cat, or would you like to pick another animal? Yeah, cats are good. Not a house cat, though – I’d like to be a big cat, like a leopard. Maybe a snow leopard, or a panther. Did you ever wear a shell-suit? Yeah, I had a couple. My main one was purple, green and white. I had a massive blonde perm as well. I looked lovely. What would you say to people who suggest presenting is easy? ‘Shut up, shithead’? Something like that? It’s only easy if you know it. It’s not hard – don’t get me wrong – but it’s not simple either… FYI: She prefers brown sauce to ketchup and often has a bottle of HP with her. Never Daddies! When on the train, she likes using both her iPod and a book to pass the time. It’s a 70 per cent to 30 per cent split in favour of her iPod! In your face, books! She only uses lip balm in the winter – because the main thing she likes on her lips is other lips! As a child she shared a room with her sister, and she always wanted bunk beds – but never got them!


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